Top 10 Project Management Solution Providers – 2018

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For a very long time, businesses faced the ordeal of managing project delivery with pressing deadlines and scattered teams across the globe. This was way before the adoption of project management tools and throughout 2018, the overall industry embraced disruptive changes to make project management solutions more accessible and user-friendly across segments.
Agility, collaboration, remote access, cloud, AI, machine learning and analytics-powered project management tools and platforms will continue to make round over the coming years for the convenience factor they add to businesses.  Start-ups especially have been benefited by the growth of these platforms to manage a project portfolio and align them with long-term goals and visions. Further, the shift from on-premise to online project management solution has been another noteworthy trend that have given enterprises the visibility, control and insight needed to avoid resource wastages, errors and unfavourable scenarios.
With these interesting developments around project management tools and solutions, many businesses offering solutions that cater to the needs of small, medium and large corporations have emerged. Their offerings and solution platforms will continue to evolve with the challenges surrounding the current business climate driving project managers to work in cohesion with IT leaders to usher a whole new breed of platforms. Enterprises will have to stay prepared to face complexities and development that grow hand in hand.
The events in the project management industry along with the thought leadership and success stories of solution providers intrigued us to deep dive into the segment to recognize the top 10 players in project management arena.
We present to you Xplorex IT’s Top 10 Project Management solution providers lays emphasis on the prowess and role played by project management software for businesses seeking to scale up and enhance their project delivery capabilities.
Company Name Description
Manage projects with one tool
ISU Corp
A high-tech company specializing in software architecture, development, project management and software user interface design
Mavenlink is a provider of enterprise-class, SaaS to help project-based service companies transform their businesses
The AECO industry’s leading project information management software that integrates people, projects, and processes to ensure successful project delivery and the mitigation of risk
ONEPOINT Projects A web-based project and portfolio management solution covering the entire project life cycle
Rego Consulting Corporation
Rego Consulting is a renowned provider of Project Portfolio Management (PPM) and IT Business Management (ITBM) consulting services
We all have something we bring to the table and that’s what makes Sitetracker exceptional
Smartsheet’s work management platform helps to bring focus to the right tasks, empower teams, and maintain transparency
An intelligent task and project management platform that easily creates tasks, projects, and to-do lists which get scheduled automatically around events and meetings
Online project management software to set priorities and align your team to work faster and smarter across your organization