The Front Runner in PPM and ITBM Consulting

Jerry Dolak, Rego’s EVP of Project Delivery
Jerry Dolak, Rego’s EVP of Project Delivery

Launched in 2007, Rego Consulting is one of the largest Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) and IT Business Management (ITBM) consulting firms in the world. They’ve implemented solutions for 40% of the Fortune 100 and 60% of the Fortune 20, and they’re a founding member of the PPM Global Alliance.

“Our products are focused on plugging gaps,” said Jerry Dolak, Rego’s Executive Vice President of Project Delivery. “We started as a company dedicated to PPM implementations for CA PPM and grew into ServiceNow. Now we offer packages to answer a variety of time and dollar constraints, whether it’s a rapid-delivery package, a 2-3 year roadmap, managed support, or training.”

Rego has trained over 400,000 users in PPM and ITBM, which includes IT Financial Management (ITFM), Application Portfolio Management (APM), Agile Project Management, and Software Asset Management (SAM).

Widely known for their focus on end user engagement and change management during deployments, upgrades, and migrations—Rego also offers clients remedies like pre-built base kits (PPMExpress), a PPM solutions library (the RegoXchange), and access to ongoing development. Rego also holds the world’s largest PPM and ITBM learning and networking event: RegoUniversity.

“When we started Rego, there wasn’t anywhere a client could go to get configurations, training, reports, or presentations,” said Jerry Dolak. “It’s always been in our DNA to look at industry gaps and provide solutions. We built RegoXchange so clients had a place to go, and we’ve been able to offer the majority of the content for free.”

Rego’s guides, or expert-practitioners, have worked on the ground in IT leadership as PMO leaders, portfolio managers, resource managers, financial managers, and global enterprise architects. They leverage their knowledge of industry best practice to advise clients rather than just gather requirements and develop.

“One of Rego’s core differentiating factors is our people,” said Jerry Dolak. “We hire practitioners—people who actually have experience. They understand what our customers are dealing with, what their challenges are, and how we can support them. Our focus is always on the client; it’s engrained in our personality. And, because we do hundreds of implementations and upgrades each year, we have a really strong understanding of best practices and approaches.”

Because of their vast knowledge and practical experience, Rego Guides also provide valuable insight into industry trends and evolving technology tools that influence the project management software development segment.

“From a PM perspective, organizations are now required to manage projects much more efficiently and quickly,” said Jerry Dolak. “From a tool perspective, there are a lot of excellent tools out there, and we can help clients decide which will be the best for them. Tools like CA PPM and ServiceNow can aggregate and present data in ways that enable users to make more informed decisions.”

Rego’s customer retention holds at 98% and with such high customer satisfaction scores, it’s easy to understand why they’re known as the de facto leader in PPM and ITBM consulting.

“Rego’s goal for every engagement is to improve PPM and ITBM maturity, minimize implementation cost, and optimize end user adoption,” said Jerry Dolak. “We focus on efficiency. We’re constantly iterating, so we never start from scratch, and we take over a decade of experience into each new implementation.”

Rego relentlessly pursues configuration, performance, reliability, and support breakthroughs. The result? A drastic reduction in the overall cost and time it takes to deploy PPM and ITBM.

Recent Rego innovations include:

• The ServiceNow Connector for Microsoft Project Professional (MSP)
• The CA PPM Action Item Email Responder (AIR)
• Pre-Built Base Kits for PPM
• Over 100 pre-built integrations for HR, Agile, ERP/Financial Systems, Vendor Management, Time Management, Schedulers, Data Migrations, and Portfolios
• Innovative help for companies moving to an Agile or hybrid workspace
• Business Intelligence and RMO solutions

Rego Consulting has performed hundreds of successful PPM and ITBM implementations across every industry. With over 150 expert guides, Rego leads the way in helping organizations achieve a higher return on their PPM and ITBM software investments.