10 Best Collaboration Solution Providers – 2018

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In today’s hyper connected world, collaboration technology is taking over the business environment at a faster rate as customers expect quicker responses. More and more companies are hiring remote workers to save money on travel and hardware costs. In such a scenario, apart from work chat and video conferencing, strong collaboration tools are needed to streamline communication process and improve the workflow between team members and clients, allowing increasingly natural interaction.
From data collaboration tools to AI bots, companies are widely adopting innovative collaboration trends. With customer data deluge, integrated systems and data collaboration can analyze data and generate actionable insights to make informed decisions. In fact, by visibly conveying data to every employee through a shared workplace collaboration platform, stakeholders can make instant decisions from any location, providing a competitive advantage.
Experts predict that new and improved workplace collaboration platforms will increasingly affect productivity and help in tackling business-related issues. Group huddle rooms, integrated with immersive collaborative technology accelerate meeting productivity by maintaining the creative momentum of the group and facilitating the equal sharing of essential data at every level. Companies are also starting to use robots in boardroom, allowing remote employees the ability to feel connected to the room.
In the near future, collaboration technologies could become more sophisticated as more employees continue to work virtually. As much as companies need technology tools, they also need the expertise on how to choose the right collaboration technology developer as vendors offering these tools are growing rapidly. Having said that we are bringing to you the best collaboration technology solution providers to enhance productivity, while giving employers the ability to hire talent no matter the location. We hope this information will help you transform the way you convert knowledge into action and improve the speed and effectiveness of the workflow.
We present to you Xplorex IT’s 10 Best Collaboration Technology Solution Providers 2018.
Company Name Description
Atlassian provides the tools to help every team unleash their full potential
AV Helpdesk
A provider of collaborative technology consulting and technical services, specializing in corporations with multiple office locations
A market leading provider of simple, intuitive and modern document sharing and virtual data room solution
Jive Software
Jive community and collaboration solutions are built to solve real-world business challenges right out of the box
A provider of quality communication and collaboration tools paired with trusted integrations & expert guidance
Menawat & Co.
A provider of people-centric collaboration software and services like ProFIT-MAP™ Teams that help augment operational and financial performances in enterprises
Helping organizations better visualise and engage with complex data through real time engagement
A provider of a modern professional CAD system that helps streamline engineering and manufacturing processes by eliminating “design gridlock.”
Partner of choice for the Communications and Collaboration Ecosystem
A technology innovator in the field of visual communication and group collaboration