Sitetracker transforms critical infrastructure project management

Giuseppe Incitti, CEO, Sitetracker
Giuseppe Incitti, CEO, Sitetracker

To overcome increasing complexity and deliver on-time and on-budget, critical infrastructure companies must invest in operations to ensure productivity and successful project completion. Project managers should be spending more time delivering projects and less time dealing with obstacles created by inadequate tools.

Sitetracker enables critical infrastructure providers to efficiently manage high-volume distributed projects with accurate real-time data, on one easy-to-use platform. Project managers are empowered to maximize the value of assets and shorten time to revenue by managing post-deployment activities, such as maintenance and modifications in one platform.

Sitetracker co-founders recognize that telecom project managers traditionally rely heavily on antiquated tools like spreadsheets to make multi-billion dollar decisions. The company built a full-lifecycle project management solution for large-scale, repeatable projects in telecommunications, utilities, and smart infrastructure.

Sitetracker provides a platform for executives, project managers, and mobile workers to evaluate candidate sites in context, conducting capacity planning to identify staffing needs or resource bottlenecks. Sitetracker customers can leverage Vendor Analytics to connect project timelines with historical performance and accurately forecast milestones at individual sites or entire portfolios. These features combined with their constant focus on helping customer succeed has led to an incredible 90%+ adoption rate.

How SAC Wireless meets industry demand with Sitetracker

SAC Wireless, a Nokia subsidiary that develops and implements network infrastructure for telecom companies, was experiencing scaling challenges while meeting the growing demand for its turnkey services. Their existing on-premise project management tool lacked standardization and automation, failing to provide SAC Wireless a single source of truth. Inaccurate data made forecasting and decision making difficult and time-consuming. It caused delays in the billing process and created confusion around the current state of projects due to irregular and conflicting data records.

The company approached Sitetracker after learning of its experience with Verizon. In just a month after training and setup, SAC Wireless was able to manage and complete projects with unprecedented ease and efficiency. Sitetracker enabled performance management and used KPIs to report and track on regular basis. This made SAC Wireless a more data-driven organization that meets demand and can scale quickly.

“Project managers can easily manage entire portfolios of high-volume projects with Intelligent Project Templates and report in real-time with powerful dashboards. They can update multiple projects at once with Trackers and stay on top of project financials with instant insight into expenses and revenues,” says Giuseppe Incitti, CEO, Sitetracker.

The Sitetracker Platform is built to aid critical infrastructure companies to manage an increasing number of projects and enables every project stakeholder to work on the same platform. Project managers and the rest of the organization reference a single source of truth for forecasting project milestones and completion.

“If individual project contributors, teams, contractors, and vendors are all seeing and working with the same up-to-date information, there’s no ambiguity — there’s one single source of truth,” adds Incitti. “Sitetracker customers have cut time spent on reporting by over 80 percent, saving six to eight hours per day in some cases that were spent communicating updates, not managing projects.”

Sitetracker helps to optimize the operations of organizations with a portfolio of dynamic and geographically dispersed projects. In particular, it advocates “operational excellence,” the alignment of software and process, to drive better outcomes. That’s a big part of why the company has embraced the Software-as-a-Service model: legacy tools and spreadsheets were not built for high-volume project management and are unable to adapt to businesses over time.

“The result of choosing technology that complements your process, and vice versa, is operational excellence. And, it is a choice: you can choose to remain in a vicious cycle or you can choose a virtuous circle. Creating order from chaos, enhancing inter-organization collaboration, and increasing accountability are possible with the right platform,” noted Tim May, Sitetracker CTO and project management expert. Sitetracker serves customers with diverse requirements and keeps up with changing trends and customer expectations in the technology-driven world.

Sitetracker’s diverse leadership team contributes immensely to the success of the organization: “Sitetracker started as the vision of its co-founders but it is now the sum of all of its parts: leadership, customers, and employees. We all have something we bring to the table and that’s what makes Sitetracker exceptional,” beams Incitti.