Good ERP: Great System + Management + Quick Implementation

OnRamp Solutions 

Art Church _ Low Res
Art Church, President & CEO

OnRamp Solutions offers comprehensive ERP solutions that are specifically designed for manufacturing businesses. Unlike most run-of-the-mill ERP packages that are built to be horizontal, out of the box, and then customized with expensive professional services to meet the industry specifications of the customer, OnRamp ERP is built to meet the needs and processes of your business which dramatically reduces deployment costs and time to impact.

One of the more surreptitious challenges with many of the popular ERP platforms is how the vendor layers in various “new functionality” onto their aging ERP platforms. OnRamp delivers manufacturing industry specific functionality out of the box and is not reliant on generic add-ons or customization.

The company’s hands-on experience and acumen in manufacturing allowed them to look deeper into the limitations of many legacy ERP systems that frustrated customers in the manufacturing industry. Capitalizing on our internal manufacturing and software expertise OnRamp ‘designed with lean principles in mind to implement key functionality’ that could be simple and efficient for both the users and the management team. “After discussing what we had achieved while working with Mancor Industries, we found that our learning could benefit many manufacturing businesses and we became excited about what OnRamp could do for other companies,” expresses Art Church, President and CEO, OnRamp Solutions and Chairman of Mancor Industries.

Today, OnRamp ERP has already left a deep imprint in the industry through partnerships and investments in business developments, channel programs and strategic relations. Its solutions are currently packed with features that eliminate the need to seek out 3rd party plug-ins. The company is also making the most of their R&D effectors with their unique customer driven product development model to add features that potential clients may not even know they need it until they see them.

“OnRamp Solutions is built on the foundation that a great ERP solution is much like a three-legged stool. The first leg of course is a great system. The second leg is a management driven group that wants to learn and focus new techniques that make them better and competitive,” says Church. “The third and final leg is an effective implementation that includes data accuracy, advanced user training and a quick time to impact.”

OnRamp ERP also emphasizes the benefit of a single global data repository which serves as a single source of truth that enables users to take timely and informed decisions. “In manufacturing, knowing the numbers is critical and a unified data source that provides accurate numbers that are safe from prying eyes while empowering clients to implement a paperless strategy is what drives the value our customers are striving for.,” beams Church.

To shorten implementation cycles, OnRamp uses our proprietary “repetitive go live methodology, enabling LEAN principles” to accelerate deployment time and minimize the customer’s operational risk. “It starts with a purposeful and focused review of customer processes to get a clear understanding of the systems and procedures in the office and on the shop floors. This is followed by customer-centric discussions to verify the appropriate solutions,” adds Church. “Finally, we convert the customer supplied data into a fresh database multiple times a day until the data is proven to be reliable and our solutions are effective.”

OnRamp’s internal implementation team and experienced staff ensure the ERP system is up and running quickly with IT support, back-up servers, test environment, training and appropriate documentation.

OnRamp has helped their customers reduce late deliveries and improve delivery performance from their suppliers. “Our Capacity Planning module helps management see potential manpower planning surplus or shortages with future time line graphs. By leveraging this planning tool within OnRamp , one of our customers foresaw an oncoming manpower disaster, which allowed them to adjust their work force and save real money.” elaborates Church. “All our customers use that same module to know when they will need to add extra staff by department and begin the hiring process well in advance. This allows them to stay on schedule.”