Enhancing Agility in Project Management

David Mansilla, Founder and CEO of ISU Corp.
David Mansilla, Founder and CEO of ISU Corp.

Project management is transforming like never before. Companies are constantly adopting new technologies and strategies to stay relevant and successful. Along with digital tools, modern project managers claim that agility continuously delivers value with reduced development cost and increased customer satisfaction. This is exactly what makes ISU Corp a unique and world-class project management and custom software solutions provider. With an agile mindset and a client-focused culture, ISU automates every project management process, delivering them on time and under budget. “We do this by keeping our standard of performance high, developing positive relationships with clients that are aligned with our values, prioritizing company culture, and going the extra mile with charitable causes that we believe in,” says David Mansilla, Founder and CEO of ISU Corp.

To get powerful results with the automation process, ISU created two main products—HubLinked and ISUnified. The former is a platform that uses the latest social media technologies to allow for seamless collaboration. “We designed HubLinked, a virtual office that allows us to reinforce the feeling of a community within a company of employees in eight different countries. This program is often available for our clients to use, which is very helpful for staying organized and maintaining clear communications between all parties,” points out Mansilla. For instance, ISU had a client in Montana who was in the construction industry. They tried to create a system to estimate their concrete work autonomously. They worked with different partners to make a mobile application, but for over two years of trying, they weren’t able to get it done. As they approached ISU, the client was able to have a smooth project as HubLinked and ISUnified ensured a crystal clear collaboration. “We strongly believe in creating genuine relationships with our clients. The special thing to look out for when choosing a service is a personal experience, despite often dealing with large corporations. We cater to our clients’ needs according to what is necessary for them to succeed.”

With an aim to increase entrepreneurs’ net profits, ISU’s agile process, a blueprint that they follow, outlines how they begin every project and guides every step of the way. This makes it fast and efficient for their team to complete the work the client needs done. Most importantly, the company constantly stays up to date with any new and upcoming technologies that their clients are seeking to implement in their business.

As a part of ISU’s innovative strategy, they are investing heavily on AI, cryptocurrency development, and bitcoin. Going forward, the company wants to implement AI in HubLinked in order to see where communication starts to falter between teams and clients. “We want it to start suggesting to users when the communication is about to break down, or when there is risk of confusion as clear and effective communication is key to any successful project,” says Mansilla. With this new development, they will have an extremely valuable tool that will ensure further successes and smoother projects down the road. Also, “in the area of AI, we’re beginning to work with neural networks based on open source technologies.” Additionally, they are including certification in Salesforce integration and development.

For cryptocurrency and bitcoin, the company is mainly focusing on its application to e-commerce mobile and web payment systems. “We strive to create a win-win environment as we make every client successful with their business, for if our client succeeds, we succeed with them,” concludes Mansilla.