Smart Work Management Powered by AI

Bernie Aho, CEO & Co-Founder of TimeHero
Bernie Aho, CEO & Co-Founder of TimeHero

A fast-growing digital agency was constantly struggling with hitting deadlines, scaling their organization, and managing workload. Their existing project management tool caused the tasks to build up, while managers only knew when projects were late or not done, or when the due date had passed and they were not checked off. Moreover, the tool required too much manual work to keep it going. Gradually, the agency failed to see the big picture to plan the future. This is where TimeHero stepped in. As an intelligent task management platform that easily creates tasks, projects, and to-do lists which get scheduled automatically around events and meetings, the company enabled the agency to quickly build repeatable workflow templates based on how they were working with clients including meetings and things that were due before and after those meetings. “We helped the managers to see when the tasks were expected to be worked so they would know well in advance if they were not on track and could take corrective action. Eventually, everyone on the team had their calendar full, optimized, and balanced and yet responded instantly as new meetings and projects popped in,” says Bernie Aho, CEO & Co-Founder of TimeHero.

Being an innovative solution to all project management challenges, TimeHero takes a unique approach, with a special focus of team time management, to plan work well in advance and automatically reschedule tasks when things come up in between. “As tasks get rescheduled, they inevitability get closer and closer to their deadline which we view as increasing in risk. The risk is at its peak when, without being overdue or behind, there is no time left for another reschedule based on your availability and the duration of the task. This is a huge advantage over just task and project lists,” explains Aho. Unlike most productivity and project tools, the platform uses advanced AI to analyze calendars, tasks, and dependencies to automatically schedule and prioritize tasks in the available time. Along with an integrated calendar, it has special features like natural language task input, project templates, auto-updating Gantt view, custom columns, and multi-platform. TimeHero also eliminates all the guesswork for busy people in order to be more productive. Thanks to its revolutionary new way of scheduling tasks and projects within their own busy calendars, the team knows exactly when and what they should be working on to meet deadlines. “This means less stress and more automated organization that gets projects done right!”

Furthermore, the platform also can create intelligent workflow project templates that contain events and tasks that can be linked together so that a task can be set to be due four days after a client meeting or to start one week before a meeting and due one day before the meeting. When the project is later launched, the user simply has to input a date and 100s of tasks can be instantly scheduled across all team members in a matter of seconds. “Our platform is totally user-friendly. It’s flexible and highly adaptive and will work seamlessly for just about any type of company that can range from consulting firms to enterprise,” notes Aho.

The company constantly solves problems with good design and cross functional teams. They utilize TimeHero, Invision, Sketch, and Principle to create prototypes of new interfaces and experiences that they can show customers early to get feedback. Currently, they are developing a robust repeating task and project engine that will save organizations time while becoming the most accurate way to think about their clients’ time. “Improving work management, making sure everyone is working on the right things, and being the most accurate in terms of durations and deadlines can save companies billions as an industry,” concludes Aho.