Rethinking Project Management

Ray Grainger, CEO and Founder
Ray Grainger,
CEO and Founder

About twenty years ago, every services organization was tasked with several challenges due to the absence of technology and strategies to cope with the unprecedented changes and rising demands of customers.

As a result, not many businesses were able to thrive and managed to just get by. Recognizing this need, a visionary partner from Accenture, Ray Grainger saw an opportunity that gave birth to Mavenlink to fill these gaps with an enterprise-class software-as-a-service (SaaS). Created by service experts for service experts, Mavenlink’s software is built exclusively for organizations that aim to provide exceptional service.

“Twenty years ago, if I look back at the work I did for my clients, it was a constant struggle to balance the demand for staffing and their work was moving shoulder to shoulder on time frames-based environment,” recalls Grainger. “Margins were getting squeezed every day and their work was getting harder.” Mavenlink’s complete business-enabled platform for the professional services industry offers thought leadership and best practices that really enable clients operate at a whole new level. “Whether it is financial performance, collaboration across the globe or managing margins, all these things are possible with Mavenlink,” adds Grainger.

In a nut shell, Mavenlink is a smart project management software platform that brings together all stakeholders, projects and profits in a project-based services organization. Unlike the tools that are available in market, Mavenlink is a one-stop-shop for businesses seeking to replace old tools like emails, spreadsheets, accounting software and more with a unified solution to effectively run their business.

That was a brief prelude on the capabilities of Mavenlink’s software platform. The functionality of the solution extends beyond the basic project management capabilities and is crafted for users looking for online capabilities such as in-built, powerful financial management and deep integration with mobile accounting software like Intuit QuickBooks as well as MS Office and Google applications. This is a must in an era where most businesses operate online.

New age, new challenges are the ugly truths for every kind of business. In the current times, teams are fragmented, and stakeholders need real-time visibility on tasks to monitor project timelines, identify roadblocks and manage to exceed customer expectations. These facts delay the delivery of projects on time and on budget. Mavenlink is one of the world’s first project delivery cloud that allows teams to remain well connected with the information they need to deliver the projects before the predicted deadlines and meet their profitability goals.

And the benefits? There are plenty to list out.

Firstly, Mavenlink helps companies oust out legacy approaches like using multi-software platforms for managing silos of information. It has great risk of errors and oversights that can impact project management tasks. Mavenlink’s unified platform acts as a single source of truth that also guarantees efficiency and help businesses stay relevant to times with cloud access.

Reduction of costs and increasing profit margins are the ultimate goals for all kinds of businesses. In the case of services-based project management companies, keeping track of project fees, costs and expenses can be simplified with Mavenlink as it allows the project management teams to make decisions on the go to boost financial performance and increase profit margins.

Mavenlink also empowers project-based service delivery companies to move over traditional approaches involved in engaging with internal and external stakeholders. Mobility is the greatest benefit of the Mavenlink software platform that allows users to scale their business by collaborating and engaging with teams and customers without any geographical limitations.

Call it a project management tool or a productivity tool, Mavenlink has garnered industry recognition for its integration capabilities. Besides, the platform is available in multiple packages and entails all solutions that are crucial for project management, project accounting, resource management, business intelligence and team collaboration.

Mavenlink has a great clientele and vast partner network to extend their technology platforms, consulting and implementation services and affiliates to promote its offerings. Mavenlink’s success stories add credence to the company’s diverse leadership team and talent who leverage their experience and expertise in addressing complex project management challenges.

In one instance, Scale My Empire (SME), an IT services company that was founded with the vision that small business success is possible by the implementation of right systems encountered certain difficulties. ““I have witnessed a pattern occurring again and again—without proper systems in place, it’s hard to get past the first few million in revenue. You will end up doing twice the amount of work, only to find that you have to scale back down. You have to make your systems work for you when you want to scale,” says Scott Gellatly, Founder, SME. The company had enough revenue growth and clientele at the beginning. But they lacked the platform closed the gap for right metric for scale—great margin and addressed operational challenges. SME chose to implement Mavenlink and immediately witnessed the platform had all the project control features that made it serve like blue print for the business.

With Mavenlink, SME was able to forecast resources, view budget and compare with real expenditures and rate cards. The robust reporting features of Mavenlink helped SME triple their project margins and increase the project delivery rate from 20 to 90 percent. The transparency and unified view of the platform also allowed SME to make better decisions and improved their operational execution.

Mavenlink’s software platform is one of the leading apps in the app marketplace that competes with the rest for having unique reporting features and enabling project management tasks. The firm believes in constant iteration and innovation of its products to be able to serve the changing needs of its customers.