CRM ADOPTION: An Organizational Change Management Framework

TopLine Strategies has published a white paper titled, “CRM ADOPTION: An Organizational Change Management Framework.” The publication is intended to help companies implementing CRM to design and execute an effective CRM user adoption plan.

CRM Adoption Abstract:

The goal of a customer relationship management (CRM) initiative is measurable success. CRM expectations include more leads, higher lead-to-revenue conversion rates, identification of up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, and improved customer service, all leading to improved client retention rates, increased revenue, and other benchmarks of achievement. Measurable returns on a CRM system investment cannot be achieved unless the user community fully embraces the new system. For a new CRM system to succeed, a change management plan must be designed, executed and continuously managed that organizes the intentional behaviour change of a targeted user community to the point of proficient use of the new system. The process of behaviour change is central to any CRM adoption planning effort. The seminal research performed by James Prochaska and Carlo DiClemente resulted in their Stages of Change model, which provides invaluable insights to the manager responsible for adoption planning and execution.

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