Building an Agile, Global Supply Chain

Joseph LaMantia, President of e-Ventus Corporation

e-Ventus - InsiderYears ago, the world had a very rudimentary understanding of supply chain and its role in supporting an array of industries right from the manufacturing floor to the doorstep of the end customers. The advent of COVID-19 pandemic sparked light on its indispensable role in replenishing necessities and the impact on diverse industries across the world. As pressures to turn more customer centric mounted over the course of the pandemic, companies are looking for supply chain innovations that are reliable, scalable, agile and cost efficient. In the long haul, businesses and manufacturers need better solutions to overcome challenges resulting from any act of nature like earthquakes, disease outbreak and more. e-Ventus’ eSP® Supplier Portal and its supply chain consulting services are designed to help manage and trounce complexities arising from crises, minimizing the impact on customers!
Over 20 years ago when the eSP® Supplier Portal was conceived, the team at e-Ventus were convinced about the importance of supply chains and the need for integrated, real-time digital communication within it.  They knew that in a world of global manufacturers and global suppliers that fundamental shifts in supply chain concepts and technology were necessary.    They applied lean principles and processes to the supply chain area and utilized web technology to develop a solution that would effectively implement lean supply on a global scale. Their solution delivered visibility, velocity and agility across the entire value chain, laying the foundation for the eSP® Supplier Portal. 

Agility is the key concept that permeates our eSP supply chain solution and our supply chain consulting services

Today, the eSP Supplier Portal is sought by many clients across the manufacturing and supply chain space. The intuitive, easy-to-use and functionally robust solution offers virtual, real-time analytics and visibility into customers’ global supply chain. The solution gathers, shares and processes acknowledgement and shipping transactions. It automates supplier transaction workflow, streamlines internal operations, and reduces procurement cost, lead time, and inventory investment.  
The graphical interface of the solution allows buyers and planners to determine critical areas that require attention in the supply chain and respond to it.  Using dashboards, visual controls, and a graphical interface, buyers and planners can drill down into the details with a click of a mouse.
Further, with its embedded business intelligence capability, it can provide decision makers with the information that they require to react and respond to changes and challenges in the supply chain.  Its seamless interface with multiple ERP systems allows for efficient sharing of digital information.
“Our eSP Supplier Portal is delivered using state-of-the-art concepts, tools and techniques.  We employ lean IT concepts with repeatable deliverables to reduce the time from project inception to production implementation,” says Joseph LaMantia, President of e-Ventus Corporation and expert in lean supply, supply chain digitization, digital transformation, lean manufacturing, strategic planning, ERP and more. LaMantia has managed multi-million-dollar projects for firms that are confronted with global, enterprise-wide issues, international requirements and complex business processes. 
Diving into his expertise of leading many successful projects, LaMantia summarizes e-Ventus as agile. “Agility is the key concept that permeates our eSP supply chain solution and our supply chain consulting services,” he adds. “Today’s customers have high expectations and expect their products to be delivered quickly and consistently at the right time at the right place with a high-quality level.  The effective management of the supply chain is the one of keys to making this happen.  With the eSP Supplier Portal, the effective and efficient management of the supply chain happens and happens rapidly.”
For instance, Munters Corporation, a global leader in innovative, energy-efficient and sustainable climate solutions approached e-Ventus to help them maximize buyer efficiency and reduce the amount of time buyers spent on non-value added activities.  e-Ventus had the answer with its eSP Supplier Portal.  Ena Ryan, Director Sourcing Non-Product Related Materials and Services from Munters said, “It is automated and allows buyers to spend more time on value-added activities, eliminating waste and inefficiencies while maximizing our working capital.  It ensures the right materials arrive at the right place at the right time.”
“Our focus is our customers and their needs.  We listen intently to their objectives and what our customers are trying to accomplish.  We focus on understanding our customer’s underlying business challenges that they are trying to solve,” adds LaMantia. With market expansions, enhancements to existing modules and the introduction of new subscription models for their solution, e-Ventus is looking to increase the adoption of their eSP supply chain solution throughout all sizes of discrete manufacturers.  “Our next step is providing more capability in the demand planning and strategic supply chain management realms.  We plan to utilize the supply chain information contained in the eSP Supplier Portal to increase the synchronization of demand information throughout the supply chain and identify cost savings opportunities,” he says.