Top 10 Manufacturing Solution Providers – 2020

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Manufacturing Award Logo - 2020 - CopyWith the help of the modern day technology-enabled solutions, manufacturers are able to gain better visibility and control over their strategies and operations. This is bringing more efficiency and productivity. Today, digital-native companies are making a range of products from cars to phones to running digital marketplaces. In fact, technology is helping today’s manufacturing hubs to boost productivity even amidst the COVID-19 outbreak. That being said, robust action plans are a must.
Manufacturers are trying to regain their footing with the continued volatility in costs and policy decisions. While the potential for uncertainty may continue for the foreseeable future, manufacturing leaders ought to take measures to build resilience even as they move through the transformation that digitization brings. They must double down on the core of their portfolios. Levers to support this include building digital solutions across areas like the supply chain, mobilizing partnerships within their ecosystem to drive targeted business goals. The leaders can begin by examining current supply networks and considering how they could build additional agility throughout, including adding digital technologies that increase visibility and transparency to drive the ability to flex production and resources as necessary.
For all economies, with the right skills, infrastructure, and policy frameworks in place, it will be easier to navigate change. It is therefore possible to develop strategies for structural transformation and growth based on the development of the industry. It offers the potential to travel down multiple paths toward structural transformation and economic development. Moreover, through action plans, manufacturers can better build business resilience plans on short notice, prioritize their people, monitor potential pinch points, and implement other measures to stay resilient during this crisis and the next one.
To help CIOs and IT decision makers find the right and the best manufacturing solution provider, Xplorex IT editorial board and a significant panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, analysts has selected 10 best players in the manufacturing arena.
In this selection, we focused at the vendor’s capability to fulfill the blistering need for cost-effective and flexible solutions that add value to the complex manufacturing sector. We present to you Xplorex IT’s Top 10 Manufacturing Technology Solution Providers 2020.
Company Name Description
 Autodesk [NASDAQ:ADSK]
Autodesk advanced manufacturing products, Precise Tooling can deliver world-class craftsmanship while reducing costs and production time

Dassault Systemes
Digital Manufacturing and the IIoT – Success with a Single Platform

Improve operations and profitability with manufacturing-specific solutions

Fishbowl Inventory
Business automation and inventory management platform for small to midsize manufacturing companies

Cloud-based ERP software for Industrial Manufacturing and production demands like supply chain & asset management, PLM, Industry 4.0

Lean Technologies
Thrive is a consolidated, user-friendly and lean software platform that covers the entire manufacturing operations to manage and streamline data

Providing a scalable foundation for modern high-growth manufacturing companies

OnRamp Solutions
A leading provider of next generation ERP and eBusiness solutions serving mid-market manufacturers and distributors

Siemens USA
Siemens helps manufacturers become Digital Enterprises by enabling them to digitalize and integrate their entire industrial value chain through PLM solutions

User Solutions
A leading provider of Manufacturing Production Planning and Scheduling Software