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Construction Quality Advancements Utilizing New Technology

Today is an important day. We’re reviewing the installation of steel reinforcement in concrete masonry blocks for a new data center in Chicago. Though on the surface it sounds like a simple installation, it...

Experiencing the Healthy Building

Is my building healthy? Pre-COVID, most of us entered buildings blissfully unaware of our health status, assuming that the owners and operators of our spaces had taken the necessary precautions to provide a healthy space...

Are we ready to lead digital transformation — and not let it lead us?

Industry 4.0, or the new age of data, is unsettling the way we work. Advances in machine learning, increases in available data, and the sheer availability of information are changing our expectations of, and...

Evaluating and Selecting Construction Technologies

The construction industry is a unique one; it differs from many other industries in being fragmented, risky, and offers minimal profit margins for general contractors. The end result of each project fills every individual...

The Real Estate, Design and Construction Industry and the New Normal

The Coronavirus Pandemic has literally turned the entire world upside down and caused the major economies of the entire world to slow to a crawl. Certainly not good news. As we all work through...


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Failover and Fall Back are Important on Cloud!

Stage2Data  Enterprises are moving rapidly to large cloud computing platforms to run their apps and very often, most of them tend to ignore the very...
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