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When done right, the journey to the Cloud can be revolutionary

Luxent  As cloud computing continues to make its way to the manufacturing/distribution industry, IT decision makers are grappling with the challenge of selecting the right products and vendors for their companies. Helping customers with this challenge...

A Bold New Future of Making Things

Autodesk  Another year went by for Autodesk, once again with many change initiatives at its heart and the ardour to redefine the ‘future of making things’.  On a typical day of LA fall in November...

Redefining Modern Cloud Manufacturing Quality and Compliance Experience

ComplianceQuest  “Today, with the rapid growth in business, many manufacturing firms are looking beyond the adage of employing traditional, on-premise, legacy software that give no visibility in core areas like supply chain, quality and compliance....

The New Way of Doing Business with ERP

ePROMIS Solutions  Common tools and legacy platforms to streamline and manage complex workflows have become a passé in the enterprise communities across various industries.  In the current scenario, especially in manufacturing, organizations are swiftly turning...

A New Pathway for Manufacturing Efficiency

Transvalor Americas  Pro-active and strategic use of simulation tools often plays an exemplary role in the manufacturing business. Be it for general processes, FEM Material, and process forming simulation, manufacturers need accurate predictions to be...


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