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Instant Visual Documentation in Just a Click

One common conundrum across industries like legal, public sector, real-estate and supply chain is the document-intensive workflows. Blockchain technology eases the management of over thousands of multi-party, inter-organizational, and cross-border document transactions by authorizing,...

An Unmatched Mobile Point of Sale

COVID-19 played a pivotal role in highlighting the much needed change in retail technology and hardware solutions. From antiquated point of sales (POS) hardware to the latest mobile POS systems, accommodating a multivariate sales’...

Connecting People, Data and Things

  Last year, companies grappled with the complexities of the COVID-19 pandemic and its resulting economic uncertainties. To react to changing customer demands and keep businesses afloat, operations and workflows suddenly moved to remote or...

Construction Quality Advancements Utilizing New Technology

Today is an important day. We’re reviewing the installation of steel reinforcement in concrete masonry blocks for a new data center in Chicago. Though on the surface it sounds like a simple installation, it...

Experiencing the Healthy Building

Is my building healthy? Pre-COVID, most of us entered buildings blissfully unaware of our health status, assuming that the owners and operators of our spaces had taken the necessary precautions to provide a healthy space...


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5 Reasons Why Manufacturing Industry Needs A CRM

The manufacturing industry has witnessed a dramatic transformation over the years. Previously, a manufacturing company responded to whatever a customer required.   It has now...
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