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Advanced Technology. Self-Performance. Customer Relationships. Team Oriented.

These are the fundamental aspects that have come to characterize Quality Enterprises USA, Inc. (QE)’s operations for over 52 years now. A leading construction firm based in Southwest Florida, QE focuses on major civil,...

Construction Technology: Data as a New Gold, a Pandemic, and Resiliency

It is time to make a paradigm shift in the ways in which we deliver. Drawings, models, and even calculations when required. The standard-of-practice attitude of “this is how we have always done it,”...

Using Data and Analytics to Effectively Make Decisions in Unprecedented Times

When the reality of the pandemic started to set in early in the second quarter of 2020, one of the most challenging aspects for us at Harkins was determining the best way to maintain...

Building at the Speed of Innovation with BIM, Automation and Adaptive Prefabrication

A breakthrough in Industrialized Construction: Tradition meets innovation at many of windover construction projects, while laser scans and drone mapping combined with BIM data are instrumental in supporting informed decisions during design and construction; Digital...

Digital Twins in the AEC industry: Should you believe the Hype?

If you work in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry you will have been bombarded recently with a constant flow of Digital Twin related hype. I’ll focus on three key questions: • What is a...


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