Modernizing Project and Portfolio Management

Gerald Aquila, Founder and CEO
Gerald Aquila, Founder and CEO

Despite the advanced technology adoption, today, every organization suffers from the agony of poor project management. With the increase in complexities of projects, companies are finding it difficult to manage resources, deadlines, and ensure proper communication and foresee potential risks. In such a scenario, companies need a one stop solution that not only helps in managing projects efficiently but increases transparency among the members of the project.

Keeping the same ideology in mind, Gerald Aquila, with his 25 years of experience in project and program management segment, founded ONEPOINT Projects — a web-based comprehensive project and portfolio management solution provider. The company takes a unique, flexible, and simple approach to serving customers while building a world-class project office. They simplify the complexities around project management tasks and engage strategies for higher efficiencies and outcomes. Unlike traditional PPM software, ONEPOINT integrates lean, traditional, agile, and Jira projects into a single project portfolio and resource utilization database as they offer hybrid project and portfolio management solutions for modern organizations.

“As the name suggests, ONEPOINT provides one single point of access to all information needed for project, portfolio, and resource management. We serve customers across industries like communications, financial services, health and life sciences, retail, and more to solve different project management challenges,” says Aquila. For instance, a major American airline had multiple project managers appointed in different locations, with a few outside the U.S. This led to lack of visibility within their projects and among their managers which in turn affected the overall outcome of the projects. As the airline approached ONEPOINT, they implemented their Jira integration, planning & controlling solution. The solution helped the airline to get more up-to-date information on the projects and gain more transparency among the project managers across their different locations. Consequently, the client managed to get more accurate forecasts and increase project work efficiency. Today, the airline’s in-house IT, apps, and services development departments are using ONEPOINT for their project execution.

ONEPOINT’s highly interactive web user interface based on HTML 5 can be easily accessed from anywhere across the world. In addition, they also offer two mobile, offline-capable apps called ONEPOINT 360 which is a management dashboard and ONEPOINT ME for project contributors. Both apps let customers work on projects very easily and from anywhere across the world. ONEPOINT 360 simplifies project portfolios for top management of the company and provides high level summary without the need of printing reports. As ONEPOINT ME is for people who are not connected to the internet, it makes working on the road easier than ever before. It also lets users add ad-hoc work packages and to-dos, as well as track time. “Our solution doesn’t require any plugins or installation and can be rolled out in seconds instead of weeks. Customers will need only two days of workshops to implement the solution into their company of any industry,” notes Aquila. From introducing project management using lean PM, over developing new products or establishing an enterprise project office onto connecting Jira, to developing strategic project portfolio using hybrid PPM, they help users to deliver sustainable project success.

Moving forward, the company is looking to integrate SAP into their solutions for syncing of resources, WBS elements, effort, and cost. They are also working on confluence integration and looking into Dropbox connectivity for the near future to make it even easier for bigger organizations with many managers to manage projects efficiently.