The Future of AECO Firms Hinges on Leveraging Project Information Management Software

Brock Philp, CEO, Newforma
Brock Philp, CEO, Newforma

Project teams in the AECO industry, similar to other project-based industries, are faced with a huge and growing pile of project information data created in a collection of software applications locally and in the cloud. Using the term ‘terabytes’ when quantifying project information is becoming common. Dealing with this amount of project information while operating without Project Information Management (PIM) software can cause costly bottlenecks in workflows due to the administrative workload.

Firms struggling with the administrative workload associated with mounting project information turn to Newforma Project Center, the leading PIM software application. Project Center is unique, it does not ingest digital documents. Instead, the software provides visibility into all project data wherever it resides and across all software applications. “We enable AECO professionals to do what they do best and collaborate seamlessly with project team members while working effectively in the software applications they rely on to do design work,” said Brock Philp, CEO, Newforma.

Highly administrative tasks such as email management, RFIs, and submittals, data transfer and approvals on documentation are handled with ease. “Our software powers collaboration, information exchange, workflow, tracking, and reporting,” notes Philp. Project Center helps to reduce the risks inherent in AECO projects through simplifying organization, distribution, and providing access to critical project information while maintaining a full audit trail.

Newforma also provides ConstructEx, a web-based construction software to manage RFIs, submittals, and current document sets. This software streamlines construction administration with role-based workflow while also ultimately reducing RFI and submittal turn-around time by up to 40 percent. With ConstructEx, owners and contractors know with certainty they are working on the latest set of documents which reduces the risk of rework and potential issues. A unique feature of ConstructEx are notifications; users add comments, which contribute to a transparent and collaborative workflow.

Newforma founded the PIM software category in 2004 and has over 1,500 AECO customers and over 500,000 software users across the globe. “More than 96 percent of our customers renew their annual subscription which speaks volumes for their satisfaction with our software,” continues Philp. Parsons Brinckerhoff, a leading engineering firm, needed to manage numerous large-scale projects and deliver them on time. However, such large-scale work often poses challenging circumstances such as delays in project completion, cost overruns, and potential safety issues. Project Center helped them shorten response time and create an audit trail which is hard to dispute, thereby mitigating risk.

Newforma is determined to continue improving success in AECO project information management software. “Our company is nimble with strong leadership and great software engineering and development teams who take pride in striking a balance between satisfying our customer base while also building to the future,” concludes Philp.