Top 10 Cloud Solution Providers – 2018

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Cloud Award Logo - 2018As a fast-growing disruptor of the digital age, cloud technology has been transforming business processes over the years. According to Forrester, the global cloud computing market will grow to $241 billion by 2020. Incidentally, cloud adoption rises in proportion to its benefits like mobility, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, simplified collaboration, and high speed connectivity. As cloud gets more global, companies can build better analytics, proactive monitoring and decision making, data mining, and artificial intelligence. By providing access to new tools or allowing companies to consolidate their datasets, cloud also simplifies business processes and lowers the cost.
Today, companies are making use of digital innovators like artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver cloud-based services that drive business growth. Moreover, most IoT devices rely on the cloud to work, especially with connected devices. Cloud supports these devices and more IoT devices being made and sold. Apart from driving enterprise revenue streams, cloud platforms support in developing enterprise mobile apps and IoT solutions across industries. Thus the demand for cloud-based mobile apps is rising like never before. Developers are bringing the two transformational forces together to create the most sustainable business environment.
However, security breaches are on the rise. IDC predicts that the global revenue for security technology will reach $101.6B in 2020. However, security experts are making use of cloud-based container systems that provide better infrastructure security and allow quick releases of new software modules and features to run smoothly.
In the modern era, cloud computing, the long-term cost-cutting IT strategy, reduces infrastructure expenditures and increases ROI by lowering costs while expanding accessibility and productivity. The modern cloud service providers take these strategic plans into consideration while offering security, performance, and management of cloud-based solutions. To ensure you make the right choice, in this edition, we present to you the top Cloud Technology Solutions. We hope this information will help you to potentially transform your business through successfully migrate your business processes to cloud.
We present to you Xplorex IT’s Top 10 Cloud Technology Solution Providers 2018.
Company Name Description
Amazon Web Service [NASDAQ:AMZN]
A cloud services platform via the internet with pay-as-you-go pricing
Big Bang ERP
A boutique consulting firm for cloud business applications including ERP, CRM, MRP, ITSM, marketing automation, and custom application solutions for emerging businesses
Corent Technology
Corent Technology, The provider of SurPaaS® for Accelerated and Smart Cloud migration and SaaS-enablement
Cryptyk’s mission is to take the profit out of hacking and the risk out of the cloud
Google Cloud Platform [NASDAQ:GOOGL]
A suite of cloud computing services that runs on the same infrastructure that Google uses internally for its end-user products
Microsoft Azure [NASDAQ:MSFT]
A cloud computing service created by Microsoft for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services through a global network of Microsoft-managed data centers
MOURI Tech is a provider of cloud services and enterprise applications solutions
MTM Technologies
Enables companies to leverage public and private cloud services and mobilize workforce, giving people secure and simple access to the apps, data, and IT services
Stage2Data is the fastest growing and trusted providers of cloud solutions
Treeno Software
Treeno is a mature web-based document management application with over 16 years of development