Building Predefined Road-map for Speedy Cloud Adoption


Srini Sandaka, CTO, MOURI Tech

The most common anxiety with respect to transitioning to the cloud is the possibility to encounter new challenges related to cost, infrastructure and security. Most enterprises and businesses end up wasting money and resources to get their operations up and running on the cloud rather than reaping its benefits. “Our approach is to understand the heartbeat of the landscape and application then come up with appropriate roadmap and implementation plan for complete cloud adoption,” says Srini Sandaka, CTO, MOURI Tech. “Application workload, security, time criticality, network load, integration with other applications all of these parameters are important to define cloud adoption strategy and detailed plan.”

MOURI Tech is an ERP solutions provider that charted its successful journey by discovering opportunities in the enterprise segment and leveraging cutting-edge technologies to offer high quality solutions to its global customer base. MOURI Tech has forayed into emerging technologies arena like IoT, cloud, AI, ML, conversational interface and Big Data in the last three years to expand its reach and foothold in the market.

The company’s cloud services offerings help its enterprise customers avert possible risks and nasty surprises during cloud migration by crafting clear-cut strategies, development, designing and programming to support customers at every phase of solution lifecycle. The approach begins with extracting insights about the landscape that customers are associated with using a set of tools and aligning them to a roadmap recommendation builder. This is followed by testing low hanging and low risk applications on the cloud to determine areas that need redesigning to optimize on cloud architecture and scalability.

MOURI Tech’s deep expertise in enterprise application implementation and support experience has catapulted its position to remain at the forefront of cloud adoption strategy. Besides, its investment in training, research and development areas helps its team to stay prepared to lead and handle next-generation tasks.

“We do not just deliver what our clients ask us to implement but we provide recommendations for future proofing of the solution as well to increase the return on their investment”, adds Srini Sandaka

Once, a customer of MOURI Tech approached the firm to address their requirement to host downloadable application for their customers. The application being purely external needed to provide users the option to download and use respective apps from the internet. Since the client had very slim budget and was experiencing rapid variations in the number of its customers and peak loads, they wanted to ensure that the users would not be able to infiltrate into their internal network and perform any function that would affect their existing workload. MOURI Tech proposed the client with a server-less architecture that helped them manage indefinite workloads easily and make sure the customers’ workload will not impact their current workload.

After addressing many of customers’ cloud adoption and strategy-related challenges with effective solutions and services, MOURI Tech is looking to design customized cloud solutions for customer specific business processes and handle end-to-end applications as a managed service. “We will redesign, rebuild and handle maintenance of their custom applications in the cloud. Customer is only going to pay monthly subscription fee and they own the IP as well as data with a stipulated contract. This is like a SaaS model but the application is very specific to the customers and they own the IP,” says Srini Sandaka. “This way we will invest on building long-term relationship with our clients. We will also collaborate with IT services companies who have strong customer base but do not have the cloud experience.”

“For the future we will be into Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, digital assistance and chatbots,” concludes Srini Sandaka.