Revolutionizing Your Cloud Infrastructure

MTM Technologies 

Marcus Holloway _ Named
Marcus Holloway, CEO and President, MTM Technologies

A large healthcare organization in the East coast needed a mobile solution to remotely access their client management apps and confidential patient data for a secure, compliant, and rich user experience. They wanted to leverage a cloud consumption model, meeting the HIPAA and PHI requirements, without having to move everything into the cloud. “To help this long-time customer, we created a completely transparent architecture leveraging on-premise and cloud services to enable a powerful hybrid cloud solution,” says Marcus Holloway, CEO and President, MTM Technologies. MTM’s custom-designed workspace delivery solution, Anywhere App (AwA), allowed the healthcare company to leverage a true cloud consumption model without limiting them when it comes to the actual location of their cloud. This helped in mobilizing their medical and administrative staff with a secure one-touch access to medical applications and patient information. “Our cloud initiative allows companies to create their own cloud migration strategy to help empower their business.”

The company believes that cloud acts as the bridge to bring people together. This has become a powerful mechanism not only to deliver applications and data but deliver experience. AwA makes accessing rich experiences easier through a truly transparent process. This includes giving people secure, simple access to the apps, data, and IT services they need, along with boosting security. With MTM’s AnywhereApp, customers can leverage the most advanced technologies to secure key data points, users, and the overall business. MTM is also developing a comprehensive security solution in combination with AnywhereApp. “We will not only provide ‘contextual’ security models, that is, understanding deeply every aspect of device, data, user, and access, we will also make security intelligent,” notes Holloway. The security solution offers cloud-managed endpoint security for data center components—like laptops, workstations, servers, networks, and mobile devices—and the visibility and control to prevent cyber-attacks. Additionally, it detects, contains, and remediates advanced threats, all cost-effectively, without affecting operational efficiency.

With regards to cloud deployment, today companies do not have a comfort for what they actually need to run their business from the cloud, whether they are oversubscribing or undersubscribing cloud services. “They also lack trust for cloud services providers who maximize revenue opportunities regardless of real client need. If they can achieve the same functionality and performance through virtualization and cloud services, at an affordable predictive price, then why would they buy / own technology that will become obsolete very quickly?” points out Holloway. This is where AwA stands out. AwA provides an all-in price per user per month, which is a very straightforward. It is a logical trigger that makes it easy to predict and manage, as well as offers the IT department with specific cost allocations by internal department users. “So, if your workforce increases or decreases you have a predictable price change.” Furthermore, AwA’s core components are designed to integrate with data center and virtualization solutions, and provide SLAs, redundancy, back up and disaster recovery capabilities.

Apart from cloud and security, today MTM works with virtualization, mobility, automation, and new types of advanced technologies. “Going forward, we want to leverage the power of data and create newer possibilities that include working with AI, machine learning, predictive analytics , and robotic process automation,” says Holloway. The company also aims at harnessing the value of data, creating data access methodologies for mobile, cloud, and on-premise solutions, and enabling intelligent security methodologies around data. “Most of all, we want to help our customers go on that mobility and cloud journey where data sits at the core of experience and innovation,” he concludes.