SurPaaS’ing Customer Expectations with Smart Cloud Migration and SaaS-Enablement

Corent Technology 

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A recent Forbes article covers a study on cloud technology that involves over hundreds of respondents from the cloud services landscape. The study findings reveal that by 2020 an staggering 41 percent of the enterprise workloads will be running on a public cloud!

But for Corent Technology, the growing dependency on cloud is an obvious sign given the rate at which companies are signing up for cloud migration services and SaaS applications that are run on the cloud. Corent Technology is the combined creation of efforts and expertise of Silicon Valley veterans which has stayed in the spot light for their on-going disruptive innovation in the cloud migration and SaaS-enablement space.

The key offering of Corent, the SurPaaS® platform is used by enterprises, system integrators and cloud service providers to enable an end-to-end automated cloud migration journey. From discovery, analysis, planning, optimization and automated migration to the cloud, and optionally the transformation of software applications to SaaS (Software as a Service,) the SurPaaS® platform expedites the initial transition to the cloud while uniquely providing continuous optimization of consumption and utilization of cloud capabilities.

Why SurPaaS®?

In the enterprise space, the need for cloud migration is due to the continuous influx of new technologies and capabilities that most businesses prefer adopting to stay effective and efficient in these fast evolving times. Hence the entire process of migration as a cloud journey cannot be taken for granted and reduced to a single event. For this Corent strongly relies on its experience in the evolving and intertwined SaaS and Cloud space. “Reinforcing each other, SaaS and Cloud, together have democratized the playing field for advanced applications and infrastructure capabilities. This rapid addition of capabilities has influenced the adaptive transformation and evolution approach which is ingrained in the SurPaaS® Platform,” expressed Feyzi Fatehi, the CEO of Corent Technology.

“From the inception stage, Corent’s focus on the customers’ cloud journey extends to the process of scanning, analysis, optimizing and managing. Besides, most IT executives hesitate to initiate cloud migration because they don’t know what they don’t know!,” opines Fatehi. “After all, involving ourselves with the whole end to end journey with the customer is the key to being customer-centric.”

The other fact about the cloud is that it evolves incessantly and manages high volumes of workload which change with time based on customers’ priorities and business needs. Businesses need a platform that helps in leveraging cloud capabilities and capacities, and which takes into account the need to evolve their existing application portfolio to support new upgrades to both the applications and the cloud. SurPaaS® helps address these requirements by making cloud, an integral part of the customers’ business and flexible and resilient enough to withstand various technological transformations.

SurPaaS® MaaS™ (Migration as a Service) offering provides insights on the ‘what is’ and ‘what can be’ for users by running quick scans and analysis of their existing systems from cost, performance and operational standpoint. “In other words, SurPaaS® is useful in simulating the possibilities and the resulting impact,” adds Fatehi. “Another way to articulate this advantage would be ‘de-risking and optimizing any course of action in a systematic, informed, and insightful manner,” expresses Fatehi.

Currently SurPaaS® supports cloud migration and SaaS-enablement initiatives of both Corent’s enterprise customers as well as Corent’s business partners. It uses feedback from both these groups to refine and reinvent its capabilities to increase the level of usable analytic insight and automation that speeds-up the migration processes. “This has resulted up to 90 percent reduction in time needed to perform migrations,” adds Fatehi.

The ‘Intel Inside’ for the SaaS industry

Corent was inspired by the bold vision to become the ‘Intel Inside’ for the SaaS industry, in a sense, “to democratize SaaS in the same way that Intel democratized access to Personal Computers and beyond,” recalls Fatehi. This unique vision charted Corent’s journey in the cloud arena by building sustainable and disruptive cloud migration processes for customers. The cloud along with SaaS unfolds as a dominant paradigm of the century, and with Corent’s ability to SaaSify, software applications can be transformed efficiently into scalable SaaS without the usual expensive and time-consuming reengineering process., This ability (coined by Corent as Software Defined SaaS® ) provides an Intel-like breakthrough disruption in the software industry, by making a SaaS version of any software application available at an affordable cost, thereby democratizing SaaS!

Corent has an open invitation to its ‘Open Box’ project for all visionaries and thought leaders from across the industry to choose their favorite open source software and transform it within days into fully instrumented SaaS, running on their preferred cloud, ready to deploy with go-to-market tools by using SurPaaS®. “This is a technology-enabled business model disruption which is based on Corent’s “Software Defined SaaS.®” “Sounds too good to be true, isn’t it? Corent invites those interested to give it a try and experience this breakthrough technology first-hand,” says Fatehi.

An Indelible Testimony

Once, PAREXEL, the world’s second largest clinical research organization that conducts clinical trials on behalf of its customers from the pharmaceutical industry to expedite drug approval process realized they needed to deliver their software as a scalable SaaS. PAREXEL The organization needed a secure platform to allow each client company use and access the trial management software as an independent subscriber while it would centrally manage and monitor the software usage. By turning to Corent’s SurPaaS®, they were able to run a large and complex enterprise application as a fully multi-tenant SaaS solution. This was done in a matter of weeks without changing a single line of code! Corent has similar stories with Boeing, Samsung, and the likes.

Corent has a huge list of successful use cases and client testimonials that have left an indelible mark on its cloud expertise and increasing its clout in the cloud services and SaaS industry.

For the future, Corent will be extending SurPaaS® MaaS™ (Migration as a Service) product line and iterating it with new capabilities. The platform touted to have comprehensive migration methodology for Containers is due for release later this year.

“Additionally, our new product SurPaaS® Continuum™, a Continuous Optimization and Operations Management platform for applications has been added to the production release in the fall. This platform is meant to provide enterprises the full control of their applications to manage daily software operations on the cloud with continuous, real time advisories on the best practices, cloud cost optimization and reliability,” says Fatehi. “This tool is expected to create a new market for intelligent and continuous enterprise software applications optimization on the cloud.”