Forge Beyond Communication with Conferencing


Sophie Lal, Founder and CEO
Sophie Lal, Founder and CEO
When it comes to aligning daily business functions with technology, the biggest concern for organizations is to make their work force more self-reliant. Giving employees the independence to function with the right technology for communication can guarantee a greater degree of productivity. “After all, creating efficient tools and outlets for collaboration are essential to help the workforce achieve self-sufficiency,” opines Sophie Lal, the Founder and CEO of MeetingOne. MeetingOne is one of the pioneers in the audio and web conferencing solutions industry that had its roots in French telecommunication, and was supported early on by Orange, one of the world’s largest telecommunications providers.
After coming to Denver, the firm stirred a revolution in the conference call space and developed systems using technology that ensured their audio service produced secure calls of high quality. MeetingOne witnessed a great number of crests and troughs in the industry and market trends and made it a point to ensure that they continued to provide the most modern technologies and professional services in their solution offerings.

For the last 20 years, MeetingOne has been leveraging its unique forte in conferencing segment to create tools that are more than just a channel for communication. “We imagined a set of tools that could work together to drive collaboration and create engagement,” says Sophie. “It all began when we built one of the most advanced audio bridges of its time – AudioOne. Government agencies with the strictest security requirements loved it for its multiple security levels. Large enterprises appreciated all of the new functionality we’d introduced for engaging calls. It was a game-changer for telecommunications.”

AudioOne features one of the most advanced codecs on the market, using complex protocols to manage call flow and quality. “Our codecs channel a wide range of frequencies, which ensures that voice quality and tone are as good as face-to-face,” adds Sophie. “Our bridge can manage calls with thousands of participants and gives the call host many features to make sure these large calls run smoothly.”
“To amplify the power of our audio service, we complemented our bridge with a visual interface, Click&Meet that allowed users to see and better manage their conference calls,” Sophie notes. During the calls, users can access Click&Meet to control participants, break out into group discussions, and hold Q&As with a few clicks – all critical for driving engagement and collaboration. On the backend, an Online Account Management portal (OAM) helps users easily self-provision or disable their audio rooms, define call settings, security level, access recordings, and review call reports. With these combined tools, AudioOne makes conference call collaboration and control a reality.
A Golden Handshake with Adobe Connect
As web conferencing became an essential part of MeetingOne’s solutions, the firm began scouting for ideal solution providers as its partners. Over time, Adobe Connect was the sole platform that matched MeetingOne’s strict criteria of making user experience and goals a top priority. “Our partnerships have helped us to become one of the most agile and dynamic conferencing providers in the market,” Sophie says.
Adobe Connect delivers phenomenal user experience by empowering users to create exceptional digital training, webinars, and collaboration experiences that can be had from the computer or mobile device. It gives users the full control over the look and functionality of their virtual rooms. Additionally, it makes it easy to create experiences that incorporate branding and content. “Users can position functional pods anywhere on the screen to share content or interact,” says Sophie. Content in Adobe Connect can be reused across multiple sessions, saving time and ensuring consistency.
In its mission to drive organizations to function with a self-sufficient workforce, MeetingOne integrated AudioOne to work seamlessly with Adobe Connect, expanding the web conferencing platform’s audio to include both VoIP and telephony. Together, AudioOne and Adobe Connect provide better user experience and engagement during calls, meetings, webinars or online training sessions. The solution is crafted with the intention of giving enterprise customers the right set of tools that seamlessly sync with a corporate mindset for higher productivity and efficient use of time.
The nexus of offerings of MeetingOne and that of its partners like Adobe Connect has upped the ante for collaboration solutions in the market. “There’s nothing else on the market that competes with the control AudioOne and Adobe Connect put in the hands of their users,” Sophie proudly states.
Integration and ‘Frictionless’ On-boarding Experts
Apart from its specialization in collaboration and conferencing solutions, MeetingOne offers a range of services for on-boarding their solution tools that include a customer success program of training, 24/7 support, and event production options to help customers accommodate thousands of participants and manage the technical aspects in both online events and large calls. “MeetingOne‘s services make onboarding frictionless and fast. The sooner an organization can begin using the technology that they’ve invested in, the sooner they will see a return on investment,” says Sophie. “Their return is just as important to us as it is to them! We are here to help them achieve their communication and collaboration goals.”
MeetingOne’s solutions include audio integration services for Adobe Connect wherein, the users and guests will be given the option to have Adobe Connect dial-out to them by phone and not just through the use of computer speakers and microphone. This ensures call quality and reliability that is generally not guaranteed with VoIP.
The integration services also extend to and audio API as well as a variety of LMS integrations for web and audio conferencing.
A Memorable Testimonial
Intuit, one of the world leaders in accounting software solutions, approached MeetingOne to help provide a training solution to their ever-growing employee base and expanding management teams. Given that the client’s management and leadership training was always done in-person, they had to deal with hefty travel costs to send trainers across the world and also were not getting the results they desired.
After turning to MeetingOne and Adobe for support, they moved their trainings online with virtual classrooms and audio integration. The trainers at Intuit are also supported by MeetingOne’s event producers to host large sessions. Since the collaboration, Intuit has been able to slash its costs on travel and also improve its Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and learner satisfaction.
The Road Ahead
Forging ahead, MeetingOne is focused on building solutions that provide real-time feedback and analytics during conference calls and online events to drive greater collaboration and engagement through exceptional shared experiences. “The long-term outcome will be more opportunities for individuals to participate during conference calls without impacting the flow of the conversations,” says Sophie.
The success of MeetingOne in powering customers’ collaboration initiatives over the last two decades add credence to its management team’s unique fervor to review and re-evaluate existing offering workflows and business practices in a continuum to find the most efficient way to serve customers. “Refinement to our internal procedures has created greater stability across our organization. The roll out period for products updates is shrinking. And ongoing expansion of services, features and integrations, along with continuous growth and high customer retention, speak to our success,” ends Sophie.