Secure and Streamlined Document Management

Treeno Software 

Steve Tentindo - Copy
Steve Tentindo, President and CEO of Treeno Software

Cloud-based document management software has gained traction in the last five years, signifying its deep relevance in globally transforming business processes with better efficiency, productivity and cost-effectiveness. Most organizations lose their competitive edge when they are dependent on expensive, on-premise hardware and software deployments that are difficult to procure, support and upgrade. With web-based and cloud hosted applications, companies are no longer tied to physical locations to access documents and data.

Organizations are able to be more customer and employee centric thanks to the ease of conducting and performing operations in the cloud. Treeno Software, a provider of document management solutions, sensed the shifting pulse in the market for on-premise document management software in the early 2000s and quickly evolved into one of the leaders in cloud-based document management solutions with its very own native web-based thin-client application for document management.

“Today, more than 80 percent of Treeno’s clientele have adopted Treeno’s Cloud subscription model. This means the client can leverage the existing browser on their device to authenticate and access the information they are permissioned to see through a secure encrypted connection without the overhead of VPN infrastructure deployment,” Steve Tentindo, President and CEO of Treeno Software.

Treeno is a proven web-based document management application with over 16 years of development. It’s cloud hosted model is the same code set as the Treeno On Premise software and offers enterprise class functionality with application integration, workflow automation, dynamic routing, version control, e-form automation and more.

Treeno’s solution is also known for its comprehensive security model based on user and group permissions. “We start with offering our customers the ability to authenticate to Treeno using their existing Windows logins, which frees them from having to maintain a separate set of usernames and passwords for Treeno access,” adds Tentindo. “Inside the application, our Treeno administrator’s console enables customers to control user and group access as broadly or as finely as they need to.” With a couple of clicks, the administrators provide access to the electronic filing cabinets or manage granular permissions such as the ability to redact files or view sensitive information. All user activity is tracked in a detailed report at the system level as well as file level audit. Moreover, Treeno’s connectivity with the cloud server is encrypted with latest TLS security protocol and is routinely upgraded based on the emerging security standards.

One of Treeno’s plans includes looking deeper into the security aspect of document management with two-factor authentication and database-level encryption for sensitive data.

Owing to its security and scalability features, many clients of Treeno have experienced tremendous benefits with the cutting-edge document management solution. For instance, the City of Dover, New Hampshire’s police department and city clerks required a system that would help streamline the flow of, and access to, information. The tool that the city was using made it difficult to index and retrieve files. The city adopted Treeno’s document management solution to improve internal efficiencies while providing external access to public information for its constituents.

After adoption of Treeno’s cloud-based document management solution, the City of Dover was able to achieve transparency for its constituents. While realizing process and cost efficiency goals, the Treeno solution has allowed the City of Dover to publicize documents to its constituents faster and with less effort. Treeno has greatly reduced the administrative costs associated with providing documents to Dover’s constituents in an ongoing effort to address the Right to Know requirements.

“By listening to our customers’ feedback and drawing on their extensive and successful experience with our previous generation of tools, we’ve been able to refine and simplify our product in ways that will make Treeno an even more integral part of their business’ software ecosystem,” adds Tentindo. “It’s exciting to work directly with our customers’ engineering teams as we make Treeno a platform for building cutting-edge business solutions,” he concludes.