Delivering the ‘Experience’ for Better Results with Cloud

Big Bang ERP 

Gabriel Tupula
Gabriel Tupula, CEO, Big Bang ERP

“It takes a village (of smart people), but we can tackle anything,” says Gabriel Tupula responding to the anxieties that often shape up for businesses at growth stages. The CEO of Big Bang ERP also outlined the company’s most unique service offering—rescue missions to help businesses overcome challenges that include failed cloud implementations and inability to monetize on investments on cloud solutions. “At the inception stage, we wanted businesses to make the most out of their cloud solutions software,” recalls Tupula. “This philosophy laid the groundwork for Big Bang ERP to emerge as one of the leading providers of cloud solutions.” Big Bang ERP helps businesses increase efficiency while staying cost-effective, within the determined scope, while offering superior service quality, delivered on time.”

Since the SMAC revolution, enterprises have an array of products to choose from. Cloud technology, particularly, has been a definitive tool for success for businesses in terms of flexibility, affordability, and security as opposed to having physical servers. Companies are rampantly selecting public cloud solutions for the same reasons. “But with the extensive selection of solutions in the market, businesses need us (Big Bang ERP) to help them choose the right mix of products that will ensure their success and promote their growth.” opines Tupula.

For the last 4+ years, Big Bang ERP have been trusted advisors for cloud business application including cloud ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), MRP (Manufacturing Resource Planning), ITSM (Information technology System Management), MAS (Marketing Automation Software), PSA (Professional Services Automation), and custom application solutions for thriving businesses around the globe. The team at Big Bang ERP knows first-hand that growth can be uncomfortable at times and thus operates with the fervor to help companies sprint past these transitions.

“At Big Bang ERP, we do not simply offer services, we offer an experience,” adds Tupula. The Big Bang Experience™ is the company’s methodology, consisting of steps and procedures starting with accessing needs, through the initial deployment and culminating with the training stage. It helps customers maximize success from cloud adoption and transformation. “Every step of our methodology is clearly explained to the client and we only proceed to the next step with their approval. This leads to a trusting relationship with our clients and generates positive results,” says Tupula.

In a nutshell, Big Bang ERP implements, integrates, trains and supports the best-in-class, cloud solutions while fostering partnerships with industry leaders such as Oracle’s Netsuite and Salesforce CRM. “We constantly keep our knowledge and certifications at an unparalleled level and at the same time remain brand-agnostic and unbiased to our customers by offering the best combination of cloud solutions to address their evolving needs,” says Tupula.

When companies ask where to start, Big Bang ERP’s team of consultants work together on a Business Process Review to uncover the real needs of the customer and help propose best practices – all before suggesting any cloud solutions. “We advise firms to invest in financial ERP cloud solutions as it serves as the foundation for businesses, followed by production PSA, MRP or SCM, CRM solutions and manufacturing automation tools,” adds Tupula.

Big Bang ERP is always on the lookout for meaningful partnerships and innovative approaches to find new solutions to perform better as a business and to continue to select the right combination of cloud solutions for new projects. “Our long-term objective is to expand our global footprint and to become a one-stop shop for all business management needs while providing the best quality service and building long lasting relationships with partners and customers,” beams Tupula.