The Revolutionizing Collaboration Experience


Ronald Hajj, Founder and CEO
Ronald Hajj, Founder and CEO
Beyond technological intensification, collaboration has become the core ingredient to drive optimal productivity and performance. With the need to maximize their business value, companies are on a desperate search for easy-to-deploy and all-in-one collaboration technology solutions that enable productive engagement. This is where SilexPro comes in. As a trendsetter in the field of visual communication and group collaboration, the company has a proven experience in designing and integrating customized complex full-fledged smart conference rooms.
Defying the traditional collaboration strategies, SilexPro combines advanced technologies existing in the market with their own to design hi-tech innovative solutions. Silex PTE (Panoramic Telepresence Experience) systems are all-in-one group collaboration devices which are designed based on the disruptive Center of Table (CoT) concept. “We believe that meetings can be conducted more naturally, and people can be much more engaged during video meetings when the remote participant appears in the center of gravity of the meeting (which is the center of the table),” says Ronald Hajj, Founder and CEO, SilexPro. Their PTE systems provide excellent room coverage from the center of the table with a perfect framing of participants and an intelligent 360° voice tracking as their new-gen endpoints are designed with multiple cameras and central speakerphone, along with wireless presentation system and multiple interactive touch screens.
Companies today are widely implementing new technology platforms like WebEx Teams, SFB/MS Teams, Zoom, and Videxio, along with the emerging WebRTC and standard wireless display protocols. However, most of the existing hardware video endpoints in the market today are linked to one of these platforms and cannot be used with other platforms. “Our products are conceived to be agnostic and work on any platform, and as they are natively compatible with any flavor of WebRTC solution. Also, as companies are trending towards smaller and more flexible huddle rooms for group collaboration, we saw the need to create a new generation of visual collaboration endpoints that sit in the center of the table and provide a natural, productive and enjoyable collaboration experience, and around which people are gathered in a true huddle style, instead of facing a wall” explains Ronald.
As a believer in customization, Ronald and his team study the market challenges, understand client needs and the emerging trends, and design state-of-the-art solutions that help connect people from around the globe in the most natural ways. For instance, a global college that organizes video sessions between teachers and specialists in big cities and rural areas approached SilexPro as they needed a solution to their collaboration issues. The students were unable to collaborate with the teacher and ask questions as if they were in the same room, the remote teacher couldn’t identify students talking to him/her for a better productivity, and the students were unable to keep their attention during the whole session. With the advanced personalized features, a Silex PTE system proved to be the perfect solution for them. The system’s unique multi-sided whiteboard allowed all the students sitting around the table to use the touch screen and actively contribute to the discussion, while seeing all the other participants and maintaining eye contact with the remote teacher as they were perfectly framed by the cameras located on each side of the system. As an innovative and portable solution, the system also eased the pain of installation, transportation, and compatibility.
SilexPro is always anticipating the market trends by introducing new and improved products. “We are the first company to release voice commands on collaboration systems. We have also recently released the Silex PTE Quattro and Silex PTE Trio motorized lifts that allow to hide the system inside the table when not needed,” notes Ronald. With its slogan “Innovation, beyond imagination,” Silex is today all set to explore AI and mobile possibilities to greatly enhance collaboration experience.