ProFIT-MAP™ Teams – A Cybersecure Space for Collaboration

Menawat & Co. 

Anil Menawat, President and COO
In today’s world, organizations adopt collaboration technologies with the expectation of a seamless environment where users can do their work without having to go through a whole slew of disconnected applications.
“Unfortunately, there is no consensus about what tools a collaboration platform should provide, and cybersecurity protection has not kept pace with modern threats.” opines Anil Menawat, President and COO, Menawat & Co.
In the years before creating ProFIT-MAP™ Teams, Menawat & Co. was a turnaround business advisory firm, improving operational and financial performance for private equity investors.
Over time, Menawat & Co. created a large internal software toolset to support its advisory services. To sustain the impressive gains clients asked for software to leave behind that people could use every day. This led Menawat & Co. to create its renowned flagship offering, ProFIT-MAP™ Teams, a cybersecure platform for collaboration in the cloud. Teams lies at the heart of their People Centric Industry 4.0™ software and services strategy for global operational and financial excellence.
“Our approach to collaboration as being fundamental to innovation and business performance drove us to develop software solutions in the cloud that make it easier for people to work together and with their customers and suppliers globally. The true value is in creating, two-way collaborative relationships where communications and critical information are instantly available, always in context and secure, out of the box.” adds Menawat.
ProFIT-MAP™ is an acronym for Process and Financial Integration Technologies. The software has its origin in building detailed roadmaps for business transformation. “By promising a personalized and secure environment, ProFIT-MAP™ Teams literally arranges the cyber world around its users rather than forcing them to manually integrate their data from several sources,” asserts Anil. Additionally, the solution allows users to have a real-world view of their workflow environment without needing any additional IT development resources.
Apart from allowing real-time data access to both members and stakeholders, ProFIT-MAP™ Teams also minimizes risk by segregating and securing confidential information based on need-to-know. Every workspace supports unlimited sub-workspaces to privately share information with subgroups, just like we do in the real world. The intuitive interface is based on what people actually expect in their daily work, with many built-in functions such as tasks, events, file management with version control, issues and messages for each workspace. Advanced risk and opportunity assessments are also included.
ProFIT-MAP™ Teams massively reduces the risk of security breaches, spam, phishing attacks, and other methods of interception by eliminating the movement of files and emails across unencrypted channels. The platform enables exchange of information in accordance with government and industry cybersecurity standards. “Teams allows users to comply with strict data management regulations such as International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and NIST 800-171 to avoid heavy financial losses due to theft of intellectual property,” says Menawat. Other standards such as ISO 27001 and NIST 800-53 are strongly supported.
Case Study:
Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow or LIFT, a research organization funded by United States Office of Naval Research (ONR), approached Menawat & Co. for help with their collaboration challenges. LIFT conducts cutting edge research in conjunction with corporations, universities, institutes and government that no single organization could undertake on its own. LIFT was unable to leverage much of their work because the controlled information could not be transmitted via email or ftp style file sharing. Due to the nature of the research, they needed a large cybersecure environment to exchange data. Once they found that ProFIT-MAP™ Teams met their multi-organizational collaboration and security requirements, LIFT adopted the solution which now helps run many collaborative projects, involving hundreds of organizations. The solution allows LIFT to not only achieve the desired productivity levels but also to effortlessly fulfil a variety of other functions.
Menawat & Co. has a long list of customers that testifies to its prowess and leadership in the collaboration technology market. As an organization, Menawat’s success can be largely attributed to a fusion of Systems Theory, theoretical mathematics, project and program management, operational and financial analysis, and human behavior, all brought together in ProFIT-MAP™ Teams.
For the future, Menawat & Co. is focused on a vision of creating ideal collaborative working environments with the help of analytical technology advancements.