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Christopher Grey, Co-founder and COO
Christopher Grey, Co-founder and COO
The success of modern enterprises is largely attributable to their innovative vision to boost efficiency and smartly utilize resources for collaboration and communication. The increased rise of mobility concepts no doubt, enable speedy communication and anytime, anywhere access to enterprise information but, they also carry certain risk. Most often, the users run into the risk of having confidential enterprise data being misused, lost or stolen. CapLinked, a renowned provider of secure and easy-to-use virtual data room solutions for enterprises operates with the fervor of protecting customers’ confidential data by adding relevant security measures that regulate information flow, within and outside an organization.
With an interesting start, CapLinked veered into the enterprise file sharing domain, becoming a leading provider of solutions like Virtual Data Room for companies that are looking to augment workplace productivity and performance. “CapLinked was launched to modernize and improve the way companies securely share sensitive information via documents and updates.,” says Eric Jackson Co-founder and CEO of CapLinked.
The company’s CapLinked platform is a plug-in free, flagship offering that allows users to manage communication or collaboration transactions with ease. “CapLinked was designed to be user friendly and intuitive to allow clients to keep their data safe and help users to easily access the workspace information without any downloading or uploading hassles. We are compatible with all browsers and devices and offer the only fully functional API in the industry,” says Christopher Grey, Co-founder and COO of CapLinked. Additionally, the digital rights management tool or DRM tool in the platform ensures the administrators have full control of their files, even when it is downloaded off the platform. “At any time, an administrator can revoke access to the downloaded files so the downloaded versions will be inaccessible by the users. This allows our clients to share their data with external parties without having to worry about the data being misused or falling into the wrong hands,” explains Grey.
The virtual data room solutions serve as a central platform that in just 10 minutes, enable large number of documents to be shared, edited and collaborated. The Activity Tracker feature in the solution also enables speedy tracking of actions and changes made within a workspace. Besides, the administrators will also be able to connect with relevant personnel or department regarding files that have been removed, added or edited during a transaction and accordingly take necessary action.
CapLinked also provides self-services applications to businesses that can implemented in a matter of minutes, without needing any assistance of the sales or support team. “We believe it is imperative to have a solution that an enterprise and its team can start editing, sharing, and collaborating as soon as it is necessary,” according to Jackson.
After a successful journey in the competitive climate of collaboration technology, CapLinked is looking to iterate its offerings to withstand and solve security hurdles around document and information sharing by leveraging blockchain technology. “ In the near future, CapLinked will be launching TransitNet, a ground breaking blockchain framework for verifying crypto chain of title ownership and permanently recording data during blockchain tokenized equity transactions that will be built using our existing API,” announces Grey. “We hope to dive deeper into the information control and document protection technology market as the leader and expand our reach around the globe with virtual data rooms, secure document sharing, and blockchain based title verification solutions.”