Top 10 Retail Solution Providers – 2020

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For retailers, today, understanding how consumer expectations are evolving has never been more important, especially with the convergence digital technologies, and other innovations. However, this hasn’t been easy as the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the world.

To remain ahead, many retailers must have a plan that ensures the safety of the employees while also trying to maintain business as usual activities. Beyond simply creating a crisis communications plan, retailers should be thinking about how they will manage their workforce under various different scenarios. To strengthen their preparedness, they should focus on embracing technology, automation, and partnerships to better leverage growth.

The fast-paced adoption of consumer technologies has presented shoppers with an array of digital touchpoints, which fundamentally alter their behavior in physical locations. Shoppers expect to seamlessly transition from physical to digital channels, often in the same environment, while immersing themselves in retail spaces that help create memorable experiences ideal for sharing instantly for the purposes of social and online approval. Secondly, understanding convenience is related to an overall consumer experience that eases the shopper journey while providing additional services, new business models and innovative strategies should be put in place.

The COVID-19 outbreak has marked a tipping point for the adoption of ecommerce and mobile commerce platforms. Therefore, offline retailers must approach the lockdown period as an opportunity to build a robust online presence. Although the shift towards experiences has arguably come at the expense of retail, its role in the customer journey is undeniable.

In a nutshell, a sharp focus on strategic transformation is needed for the retail industry as the pandemic is engulfing the market. The race is on and change is inevitable.

Xplorex IT editorial board and a significant panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, analysts has selected 10 best players in the Retail arena.

In this selection, we focused at the vendor’s capability to fulfill the blistering need for cost-effective and flexible solutions that add value to the complex Retail sector. We present to you Xplorex IT’s Top 10 Retail Technology Solution Providers 2020.

Company Name Description
Chosen Payments
Chosen Payments provides cutting edge solutions to our partners including merchants, associations and ISV’s. Facilitating software integration with proven technology boosts our client’s performance while saving them money

Retail POS and inventory management solution tailored for businesses of all sizes, in any industry

Heartland Payment Systems
Heartland Retail Point of Sale and Retail Management Software was designed specifically for retail, empowering brands and retailers to harness their data and sell more, profitably

Retailers can use Lightspeed eCom to reach more customers and sell around the clock

NCR Corporation
Leading with digital, we connect your entire store, giving your shoppers what they want: faster checkout. Options. Consistency.

From feature-rich POS software to integrated processing, and customizable hardware bundles, ShopKeep gives you everything you need to thrive

Square for Retail offers a full POS system to help you run your retail business, no matter your size or style

Vend integrates with leading payment providers around the world saving you time and ensuring you get paid

Zebra’s retail technology solutions empower your associates to exceed customer expectations while boosting efficiency, productivity and profitability

Powering operations for the world’s top restaurants, convenience stores, grocers, and other retail chains.