Empowering Front-line Performance


Anders Gustafsson, CEO, Zebra
Anders Gustafsson, CEO, Zebra

A Dutch retail group, Sting, needed a reliable, robust, but stylish and contemporary Android-based device for its store operations. They required a central management functionality to enable The Sting’s IT department to remotely update and manage devices online, without causing any device downtime. Enters Zebra with its TC70 Touch Computers and Soti MobiControl. Sting’s staff use apps running on the Zebra TC70s to communicate and to access stock, product, and delivery information in real-time, wherever they are in store, as well as for inventory checks and to scan incoming and outgoing goods. All the information gathered on the TC70s is communicated in real time to The Sting’s back office systems, so there is always a fully accurate stock and order overview. Bart Overbeek, IT Director, The Sting said, “The Zebra TC70s are a huge improvement for our store staff. They are reliable, highly usable and offer such high performance scanning. Our employees have adopted the TC70s with great enthusiasm and with very little training.”

With an aim to empower the front liners in retail and other industries to achieve a performance edge, Zebra provides retailers with best-action guidance needed to optimize in-motion operations and make business-critical decisions. Their retail technology solutions help store associates to exceed customer expectations while boosting efficiency, productivity and profitability. From tracking inventory and orders to product lookup, point of sale and more, Zebra solutions enable them create better customer experiences where it matters most—at the front line.

Customers can shop from anywhere at any time. And success depends on a supply chain that delivers on customer expectations, whether the operations are e-commerce, brick and mortar or both, in a complex omnichannel environment. Zebra’s retail fulfillment solutions allow streamline operations from picking and put-away to pick-up and delivery—ensure flawless fulfillment, whether it’s shipped to a customer’s door or picked up in-store. At the same time, Zebra also aids in delivering a performance advantage that strengthens the front lines of their customers store operations. This includes staff enablement, point of sale, inventory management, direct store delivery, personal shopping and couponing, gift and loyalty solutions.

With regards to better customer experience and management, Zebra’s purpose-built solutions make stores personalize the customer experience—making every interaction count where it matters most: at the front line of business. For instance, Zebra’s self-service solutions empower retailers’ customers with in-store product locations and price checking, gift registries and self-checkout kiosks. Also, from enhancing in-store operations to back office fulfillment and managing returns, Zebra also helps retailers deliver click and collect profitably.

As always for innovative customer experience strategies, retail analytics systems enables businesses to see into every corner of their operations and gain customer insights and intelligence that allow them grow their bottom line and maximize efficiencies. Zebra’s data capture and retail analytics capabilities deliver a competitive advantage, allowing retailers to develop innovative ways to exceed customer expectations—better insight leads to better action and stronger results. Their analytics solutions like SmartLens and SmartCount supports retailers achieve this at all times.

Being the pioneer at the edge of the enterprise, today Zebra looks forward to a success-filled future. “We are living in an on-demand economy where organizations must digitize their operations to compete. The pace of change is accelerating. We are investing in innovations to empower front-line performance so brands can deliver differentiated service and care to thrive into the future,” says Anders Gustafsson, CEO, Zebra.