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Steve Hare, CEO, Sage

Growing up as an enthusiastic gymnast, little did Kate Biber—owner of Alkalign Studio, Irvine, CA—know that her initial barre class would be incredibly challenging. However, with rigorous training and effort, Kate made her dream to own her own barre studio a reality. For Kate and her husband, Peter, the focus was something beyond building a fitness studio; they wanted a community that helps people find a dynamic relationship between strengthening the mind, aligning the body and nourishing the soul. “While we focused on our passion to build a life of balance and community, Sage helped us stay on top of our finances by managing payments, tracking cash flows, and accounting,” said Peter Biber, co-owner of Alkalign. As the leading ERP software supplier, Sage is passionate about helping business builders, like Kate and Peter, to manage everything from money to people with new-gen and state-of-the-art enterprise solutions. Today, Sage works with millions of business builders in all types of industries around the world.

“Doing it all”

Be it for a small business or a large corporation, Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP software from Sage empowers the company’s growth and development. The software allows them to consolidate daily operations so they can maximize efficiency and cut costs. Primarily serving small and medium businesses, Sage’s ERP solutions are end-to-end and integrated that claims to “do it all.” For instance, Sage 300 ERP is a comprehensive, flexible business management solution designed to keep the total cost of ownership low by supporting multiple technologies, databases, and operating systems. Available in multiple editions, the solution gives companies the opportunity to add users and adopt greater functionality as the business grows and offers built-in support for multiple languages and multicurrency transactions, so the business can comfortably reach around the globe.

For Michel Ponzi, owner of Ponzi Vineyards, the most important success that Sage 300 ERP has delivered is better control over the company. “I come to work in the morning and know that the reports I need will be ready and accurate so I always have a firm grip on what’s happening all over the company. I feel like I’m able to see the entire company better than I did before, and this is particularly important as we continue to grow.”

The powerful financial tools of Sage 300 ERP help businesses confidently manage their company’s complex finances and remain compliant with government regulations such as GAAP or IFRS. Features include full multicurrency capability, powerful bank reconciliation and tax reporting, flexible transaction processing options, powerful management of fiscal periods, and informative dashboards for analytical reporting. For instance, Sage 300 ERP Core Accounting cover comprehensive applications including general ledger, accounts payable, document management, payment processing, etc.

Beside finance management, Sage 300 ERP seamlessly integrates with Sage CRM that lets companies view critical customer data from the back office, providing their staff with a complete view of customer interactions. By integrating sales, marketing, and customer service functions, Sage CRM makes it easier for everyone inside the company to work together and share critical information. Sales, marketing, and customer service teams gain the tools they need to find new customers, close sales more quickly, and build lasting, more profitable relationships.

Faster. Simpler. Flexible

Unlike the traditional ERP solutions that are installed and hosted locally, on a business’s own computers, Cloud ERP is hosted on a vendor’s servers and is accessed through a web browser or mobile device. This helps in enormously reducing operational expense. With the same goal in mind, Sage’s Cloud ERP helps SMBs increase user productivity, eliminating inefficiencies and streamlining operations faster and a lot more simpler. Sage makes it easier to run businesses across regions, borders, currencies, and languages, at a fraction of the cost of traditional ERP systems. The company offers a powerful ERP functionality and workflow automation that can be tailored to a unique way of doing business for most agriculture, retail, construction, distribution, and manufacturing industries. Sage Cloud ERP solution meets the specific needs of the industry with a total control over the data and the company’s IT strategy.

Knowing the state of your finances, stock, sales, and customer service at all times, Sage ERP system increases supply chain visibility and plans, schedules, and manages all production processes with powerful workflow automation. With powerful, real-time analytics from multiple data sources to better establish customer experience, it delivers a faster and more efficient distribution operation and understands all aspects of inventory, product profitability, order to cash, and warehouse operations so companies can stock, pick, and fulfil orders more efficiently.

For instance, NcSTAR—a provider of variety of shooting accessories, scopes, laser mounts, and sporting gear—could not keep up with the volume of data the company was amassing. They did not have a robust inventory management features needed to keep the distributor on its current growth track. Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management provided a scalable, flexible platform for NcSTAR, meeting its needs today, and accommodating its growth into the future. This helped them gain insight into item sales history, trends and profitability, helping the company make strategic decisions about what, and how much, to stock. Also, the flexible architecture of Enterprise Management allows for custom interfaces to be incorporated, meeting the specialized needs of the company.

For entrepreneurs, Sage Intacct is the leader in cloud financial management. It enables data-driven CFOs to automate complex processes, consolidate data across many legal entities in minutes, become GAAP-compliant, and make strategic decisions using industry-specific dashboards.

A mission to serve

Sage believes in serving, be it the SMBs with what they deserve or the local communities with the social, economic, and entrepreneurial opportunities. For instance, Sage Foundation unifies colleagues, partners and customers in a program of social change philanthropy. ERP being their key product, the company does everything in their power to be the voice of business builders like Kate and Peter to transform the way they think and work, enabling them to thrive in the most competitive business environment. Today, Sage supports millions of entrepreneurs across 23 countries as they power the global economy.