Top 10 Healthcare Solution Providers – 2020

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The infamous surprise of the 2020–COVID-19 pandemic, dwindling state of the global economy and world-wide crisis involving healthcare certainly pushed many businesses to think out of the box to survive. But many observations from market and expert research reveal that 2020 was in fact, one of the most opportune moments across industries to discover and embrace the power of digital innovations. The digital healthcare industry particularly boasts of a steady six-fold rise in size over the next five years, accelerating the growth and adoption of solutions that are best known to function seamlessly, despite the altered state of physical and social interaction around the world.

Leaders in healthcare IT understand that situations and governments control the ebb and flow of the pandemic trajectory. And healthcare providers and patients prioritize result-driven, high quality and minimal guidelines when it comes to using healthcare solutions. Therefore, it comes as no surprise to see an increased interest in integrating disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence, telemedicine, augmented reality, personalized medicine, e-patient care, sensors and tracking devices, contact tracing apps and much more into healthcare.

Experts and market leaders in healthcare IT are beyond the buzzwords. New innovations in digital healthcare have been piquing a large number of interests with numerous takes on interpretation and analysis on possible social risks, interventions, patient care, clinical trials and their impacts on at risk-population while also mitigating the ill-effects of social isolation during pandemic and beyond. What’s interesting to watch is the ceaseless drive of businesses to come to the frontline to make healthcare affordable, safe and feasible not just to address the current crisis but also, to stay prepared to brave the new ones through many cutting-edge solutions.

On that note, Xplorex IT is delighted to present The Best Healthcare Technology Solution Providers whose thought-leadership, top-notch solutions and core values stood out to esteemed panel of market research experts and editors. We truly believe in the potential of their offering and products that would drive better outcomes in the healthcare setting, making it a promising ground for novel innovations. We present to you Xplorex IT’s Top 10 Healthcare Technology Solution Providers 2020.

Company Name Description
Provides a web-based healthcare management platform designed to streamline business processes, maximize billable hours, manage compliance, and adapt to a changing regulatory environment

Carestream Dental
Provides industry-leading imaging, software, and practice management solutions for dental and oral health professionals

Ciox Health
Providing transparency across the healthcare ecosystem, to help clients manage disparate medical records

Provides reliable and accurate means to collect chronic disease monitoring information, and information technology platforms for effective data management

Kno2’s Interoperability as a Service turns on connectivity to millions of healthcare providers and the capability to send, receive, find, and use patient information with everyone

Provides information technology and interoperability solutions that enable coordinated care for healthcare practices, organizations, hospital systems, and HIT application service providers

MedAssist, a Firstsource Company
Provider of differentiated financial process management and patient engagement offerings MFocus? and MGagement? that simplify financial experiences and ignite patient loyalty

ONYX Healthcare USA
A professional medical IT company that offers medically certified healthcare computing solutions to assist workflow in operating suites, nursing stations, patient wards, ambulatory care, and administration

Parathon has developed solutions that empower Providers to improve financial performance, streamline operations, and increase patient engagement

Provides cloud-based procedure documentation platforms designed in line with intricate workflows and documentation of physicians