Future-proofing Businesses with Scalability and Flexibility


Steve Murphy, CEO, Epicor

As each organization aims to earn a distinctive stature in the industry by scanning through the latest, cutting-edge tools that claim to simplify business processes, they would discover a ‘shortfall’ for the right, dependable solutions. How do these organizations know that the ERP they investing in, is for the long haul? The answer is lies in understanding the serious gaps in the business around storage, management and access to relevant information across business processes. Once that’s sorted, the second step always begins with choosing solution provider that can help compete, thrive and grow in a competitive environment!

ERP systems that future-proof businesses and help them seamlessly merge with the evolving trends.

Epicor ERP is a notable ERP software with the ability to align all facets and processes of an enterprise into a comprehensive information system. Having in place an effective ERP software like Epicor ERP, businesses can also automate and streamline tasks that can scrap redundancy and make users/employees more productive. For a manufacturing organization, automation and ability to leverage data would mean a lot, as they would reflect on the profitability and productivity.

Epicor ERP for the manufacturing organizations are tailored to ease user adoption with clean, modern interface and tools. Moreover, the solutions aid decision-making by providing insights that are required for increasing revenue and margins. With automation features, users will be able to define newer ways to be collaborative and remain innovative across the organization.

Epicor ERP also give users the guarantee to evolve with the scale and technological changes. But the best part of implementing Epicor ERP is being able to manage end-to-end processes—CRM, Enterprise Content Management (ECM), planning and scheduling, project management, production management, supply chain and more.

For businesses that operate in a technologically volatile environment, the pressure to remain relevant without disturbing budget and infrastructure is an endless struggle. Epicor ERP’s cloud-ready, mobile-driven solution ensures the business operates securely both on, cloud and on premise based on the changing needs. And going mobile enables efficiency and better quality of services to customers by allowing organizations with the freedom to function anytime and anywhere.

For manufacturing companies, Epicor ERP offers the additional benefit of being able to monitor and operate in an IoT enabled environment and shop floors in real-time by leveraging data collected from PLCs or IoT sensors.

Epicor’s has many success stories with customers across the manufacturing and distribution industry owing. In one instance, Knightsbridge Chemicals, a global company renowned for its products and services engineered for various industries, needed a consolidated ERP system. The company is leader in the chemical manufacture, oil and gas, renewable energy, beef genetics, and real estate industries and has multiple production sites and sales companies with regional and local employees. Knightsbridge’s requirement for an ERP system with a strong manufacturing base, flexibility along with the ability to support business growth and diversity was addressed by implementing Epicor ERP. The integrated ERP solution not only was essential in managing daily activities, enable decision-making and consolidate efforts, it was extremely user-friendly. Moreover, the low cost of ownership of Epicor ERP made it the best fit for Knightsbridge Chemicals.

Epicor ERP is used by all the departments of Knightsbridge Chemicals including business intelligence. Unlike the predecessor ERP system that only had a finance module and was unable to meet the organization’s growth demands, Epicor ERP impacted all facets of the business including end-user satisfaction.

Succinctly put, Epicor ERP helps businesses be future-proof with its scalability, flexibility and deep acumen about the manufacturing industry.