Innovation Beyond Traditional ERP

ePROMIS Solutions 

Mathews Mathew, CEO & MD, ePROMIS Solutions

When it comes to identifying serious gaps that could change a business for better by addressing effectively, ePROMIS needs no introduction. A forward thinking firm with a passion for innovation and global recognition, ePROMIS paved its way into the software industry when only a hand of companies understood the need for automation. Despite challenged with initial setbacks which included dependence on hardware-driven computer software and resistance to technological change, ePROMIS launched their first DOS-based accounting software for multi-user LAN-based environments. After a string of releases with financial accounting products and business management solutions, ePROMIS had successfully managed to become the backbone of companies that contributed to their infrastructural development of their regions with the help of ERP.

Later in 2016, ePROMIS took a leap into the trends with cloud-based enterprise software suites with enterprise-class data privacy, data availability, and security. “Currently, ePROMIS has over a million ERP users across the globe,” says Mathews Mathew, CEO and MD, ePROMIS.

Businesses in the construction, oil and gas, MEP, trading and manufacturing industries deploy ePROMIS ERP solutions that are cloud-ready and stacked with functionalities and in-built applications. “ It includes real-time information, electronic approvals, business intelligence and analytics, enterprise mobility, document management system, document attachment system, and audit trail system,” adds Mathew.

Being a customer-centric organization, ePROMIS’ product development and innovation are based on real-life scenarios and the solutions standout for innovation, services and support. Besides, organizations can benefit with the adoption of ePROMIS ERP solutions with better transparency, cost-effectiveness and bottomline. The ERP solutions are available in three editions ePROMIS Lite, ePROMIS Innovate and ePROMIS Enterprise. These are custom-built to address the requirements of small, medium and large enterprises respectively.

Further, to usher businesses to keep in pace with the ongoing technological disruptions, ePROMIS advocates switching to cloud-based SaaS ERP models for small and medium-sized businesses. Whereas large businesses find value in secure ERP platform that is future-ready and also investing in Big Data Analytics, IoT, In-memory computing and enterprise mobility.

For instance, NGCG, a UAE based construction contracting company with over 5000 employees embraced digital transformation using ePROMIS Cloud platform. The client has a predominant role to play in the infrastructural development of the region and is rapidly expanding across MEP, transport and logistics and construction-related industries. By implementing ePROMIS Enterprise edition, NGCG saw improved efficiency, productivity, efficient cost control and profitability. “This made us think about adopting ePROMIS Enterprise edition, which is a full-fledged cloud ERP software suite, across the group. ePROMIS Cloud platform at NGCG digitized and standardized our business processes, eliminating redundancy and simplifying business process flow,” says Joseph Varghese, the General Manager, NGCG.

ePROMIS has multiple use-cases across industries and a proven track-record of bringing their innovative vision to address client requirements by aiding them to optimize on ERP investments. “Our innovation strategy include internal development, customer and partner co-innovation, and acquisitions. To stay abreast of the trends, we have made investments in cloud computing, blockchain technologies, machine learning, big data and enterprise mobility,” expresses Mathew. “ As per our predictions, by 2025 almost 90 percent of the world population will have a smart device and access to the internet will be considered as a fundamental human right. Businesses will enjoy enterprise mobility, and there will be more than a trillion smart devices connected to the internet,” he adds elaborating ePROMIS’ grand vision for 2015.

“Our innovation lab also works on the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence in business, i.e., AI-enabled ERP solutions which will reshape the entire ERP software ecosystem and transform business processes and productivity benchmarks,” says Mathew. For the future, ePROMIS is determined to scout more innovative and unique opportunities that can be created by exploring successful partnerships.