Making Collaboration and Digital the New Business Vision


Geoff GarrettIn the new digitally-driven era, automation and integration seems to be the core purpose behind the investment on business software. ERP is no special and one such acronym that is vaguely understood as a software for managing enterprise data. In actuality, ERP or enterprise resource planning is about combining core business processes with relevant data to drive performance and boost intelligence, visibility, analytics and efficiency through automation and integration.

Market leaders and industry-renowned vendors of ERP software such as SYSPRO have been the reason for the shift in the users’ perspective on ERP with digitization at the heart of the change. SYSPRO’s ERP is a predominant player in the manufacturing and distribution industry. Its offering extends beyond the purpose of traditional ERP and caters to individual needs of organizations across verticals to add a competitive edge and address industry-specific pain-points.

A quick glance at SYSPRO’s industry-built ERP system demands a second, deeper look into the powerful new features which are aligned with the latest technologies to guarantee digitization alongside with personalization. The system’s functionalities including social media collaboration and universally accessible social media-type interface and platforms across all devices makes it a complete, collaborative tool.

Given that most customers think digital and seek affordability, SYSPRO ERP is aimed at allowing practical and simplified application of the cutting-edge technologies for business optimization. SYSPRO ERP’s well-defined integration services and APIs enable flexibility in interactions and arrangement of data and message across the enterprise. The solution also leverages machine learning and AI tools to segregate inordinate amounts of structured and unstructured data to derive analysis and insights for better decision making. Additionally, the system deploys BOTs to curb manually-driven interactions by automating end-user interactions. Moreover, the system is crafted for today’s organizations and can seamlessly connect with factory equipment and infrastructure thereby adhering to trends like IIOT. In a nutshell, SYSPRO ERP is created to digitally revamp businesses with minimum disruptions.

Furthermore, SYSPRO as an ERP provider and organization is committed towards making customers and users prepped up for the future. Besides staying ahead of the technology curve, SYSPRO ensures that its solution ecosystem makes it easy to upskill and learn in a cost-efficient manner. Another interesting bit about the ERP solution provider is its intense personalization features. It adapts to all users within any organization and can be customized according to workplace, individual role and needs while sharing timely, relevant information without the need for development. As the customers’ businesses grow and the transaction volumes increase, SYSPRO ERP is built to scale up as the demands increase and offer highest level of availability.

SYSPRO ERP offerings are categorized as business solutions that includes a slew of functions that are relevant across industries and industry specific ERP software for customers in the automotive, electronics, food and beverage, industrial machinery, metal fabrication, packaging and more.

In one instance, Lone Star Bakery, a popular family business started by a German immigrant with two manufacturing facilities adopted SYSPRO ERP. The manufacturer was known for its food products for the flavor, freshness and consistent quality. They utilized technologies that helped add a competitive advantage and adjust to the rapid growth. During the 90s, it became apparent that the company’ facilities were modern but the bakery procedures where quiet archaic. They manually managed all records in a book. Lone Star ran a software search and chose SYSPRO ERP in the 1996 and discovered that it was a better fit to their business, manufacturing process and could operate more economically with tighter inventory controls. Further, Lone Star was able to make forecasts and purchase decisions. The solution offered seamless inventory tracking and superior production scheduling allowing Lone Star to place timely orders with suppliers rather than storing large amount of inventory despite the manufacturer’s changing production schedule for every 24 to 48 hours. This success story was relevant to the times before the digital boom. Over the years, SYSPRO has cast a wider web in the manufacturing and distribution with many great brands in its clientele.