Pioneering Patient Care

McKesson Corporation

John H. Hammergren, Chairman and CEO

“Innovation plays a crucial role in sustaining health.” Biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, information technology, the development of medical devices and equipment, and more have all made significant contributions to scale healthcare innovation worldwide. The role of healthcare technology cannot be overstated as it is the driving factor that improves the quality of care delivered to their patients and enhances the state of global healthcare. This transformation has in fact enabled healthcare organizations to deliver superior care value. Keeping the exact ideology in mind, McKesson [NYSE:MCK] aims at helping healthcare providers to strengthen the health of their business, helping them control costs, develop efficiencies, and improve quality. “We build essential connections that make healthcare smarter, creating intelligent networks that expand access, reduce waste, and bring people and information closer together,” says John H. Hammergren, Chairman and CEO of McKesson Corporations.

The company believes that higher-quality care comes when health organizations across settings are truly healthy so they provide the products, technology, and resources needed to improve patient health more effectively at lower costs.

“It’s not just a package, it’s a patient”

McKesson acts as the ‘distribution partner’ to help healthcare providers improve the quality of care and service and drive better financial results for their business. The company gives access to a wide selection of drug products and a comprehensive list of prescription and OTC medications and other pharmaceutical products delivered accurately, safely and on time at pharmacies and hospitals. “We deliver drugs to every setting of care, from national and retail chain pharmacies to independent pharmacies, hospitals, health systems and clinics,” says Hammergren. Their strong supplier relationships combined with deep supply-chain expertise allow them to deliver the right drug at the right time. “From alternate-site and extended-care pharmacies to national chains and independents, we help healthcare providers deliver the excellent care to their patients.”

As an FDA-registered unit-dose prescription drug repackager, McKesson also offers packaging expertise and superior customer service through SKY Unit Dose—their business unit dedicated to distributing generic drugs primarily to hospital and health system pharmacies. They also provide specialty pharmaceutical solutions for pharmaceutical manufacturers, including offering multiple distribution channels and clinical trial access to its network of oncology physicians. They supply integrated pharmacy management systems, automated dispensing systems and related services to retail, outpatient, central fill, specialty, and mail order pharmacies.

Single Source for Medical Supplies

As the nation’s largest distributor of wholesale medical supplies and equipment, McKesson Medical-Surgical—a medical distributor offering medical supplies, healthcare solutions, distribution services and clinical resources—offers their own private-label medical products. “We back all products in the McKesson family of brands with our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee,” notes Hammergren. Additionally, with McKesson’s robust ordering and inventory tools, customers can track expenses by location or facility, enter purchase orders, approve invoices and access real-time healthcare product information and availability and more.

Next Level of Pharmacy Management

From pharmacy ownership strategies to performance tracking, group purchasing and superior products, McKesson offers services and the technology needed to manage every last detail of a pharmacy. To manage retail sales transactions, inventory, pricing and promotions for a single pharmacy or across multiple sites, the company provides a pharmacy POS (Point of Sale) solution that increases productivity and profitability. “Our POS Solution streamlines the process for PCI and HIPAA compliance. It also provides a comprehensive set of management capabilities to run an efficient retail space—all within your current workflow,” points out Hammergren. For instance, Bloomfield Health Mart Pharmacy, a Pittsburgh-based pharmacy uses uses Pharmaserv POS system by McKesson to keep the pharmacy workflow running efficiently. Having a reliable, dependable point of sale system and payment processing solution allows for more focus on customers and business management instead of troubleshooting software or hardware problems. The Pharmaserv POS system helps Bloomfield Health Mart reduce workflow issues and save time, enabling them to focus on what’s important in their pharmacy and their customers.

Today, McKesson has built an ecosystem that connects biopharma companies, providers, pharmacies and payers to successfully develop and commercialize medications and maximize their collective impact on patients’ lives. “Whether you are a specialty drug manufacturer or a biosimilar company, or a large biopharma or an emerging biotech, we have a solution to serve your needs. From clinical trial services that accelerate the launch of your therapies, to patient access and adherence solutions, to global distribution and channel strategy, we offer you best-in-class services at every stage of the product life cycle.”

Enhancing Patient Care through Specialty Practice Solutions

The health of a specialty practice goes beyond just pharmaceutical distribution, and so does McKesson’s support. They work with specialty practice providers to understand their entire business and offer ways to achieve their practice’s unique goals. “We enable you to run your practice your way while increasing your efficiency, reimbursement and time for patient care,” says Hammergren. Apart from specialty drug distribution, the company offers revenue and reimbursement optimization, patient care and management, regulatory guidance and support, and full-service management. With over 20 years of hands-on experience in managing their own specialty practices, McKesson delivers tested solutions. The company manages and helps specialty providers from oncology, rheumatology, gastroenterology, ophthalmology, and neurology streams.

Creating Healthier Care Communities

Being the central nervous system of healthcare, McKesson simultaneously execute thousands of critical operations that improve the businesses of their customers and the lives of their patients. The company delivers pharmaceutical and medical products and business services to retail pharmacies and institutional providers like hospitals and health systems throughout North America and internationally.

Founded in 1943, the McKesson Foundation has a dual focus. First, they offer programs to support their employees when they donate and volunteer for the charities that matter most to them. Second, they support the fight against cancer, particularly services for cancer patients and growing the marrow registry. Being a company of diverse people with diverse interests, McKesson continues to serve retail national accounts, including national and regional chains, food and drug combinations, mail order pharmacies, and mass merchandisers; independent retail pharmacies; and institutional healthcare providers, such as hospitals, health systems, integrated delivery networks, and long-term care providers, as well as pharmaceutical manufacturers.