Top 10 Manufacturing Solution Providers – 2021

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Human-centricity in manufacturing and supply-chain was mostly an afterthought due to the complexities across product development lifecycle and processes on a typical factory floor. Over time, human-centric approaches became essential to keep up with the changing customer preferences and to impact business value and revenue generation. In today’s world, it takes ‘digital-centricity’ to ensure the ‘human-centric’ designs and practices are well in place for manufacturers. From employee safety, concern for future sustainability, workplace productivity, to compliance and cost efficiency, it requires digitization of manufacturers, customers and employees’ journey.
A truly digital world where communication is driven by virtual collaboration tools, smart technologies like AI to adhere to social distancing norms on a factory floor, and insights and visualization-driven to make decisions on the go, set the tone for the future. The digital enablers and disruptive tools have become a part of strategies for business survival, revival and sustainability.

So, what’s next in manufacturing, Alexa?

Recent research-backed data also found that the majority of manufacturers that have embraced digital models are thoroughly prepped up to face another pandemic! An average manufacturer can reduce savings in critical operations, logistics and energy costs, and achieve production improvements. But realizing the true digital impact across the manufacturing value chain is dependent on the organizations’ ability to implement technologies that foster digital best-practices across departments, hierarchy and functions. The role of leadership teams are also integral in recognizing future opportunities for growth, profitability and resource utilization. By working with market-leading partners and manufacturing solution providers, businesses can unlock data value at scale, and build connected and intelligent factories of the future.
On this note, we have showcased the Top 10 Manufacturing Technology Solution Providers and their role in evolving the manufacturing landscape to address the demand of digitization at a granular level.
Company Name Description
Autodesk [NASDAQ:ADSK]
Autodesk advanced manufacturing products, Precise Tooling can deliver world-class craftsmanship while reducing costs and production time

Dassault Systemes
Digital Manufacturing and the IIoT – Success with a Single Platform

Improve operations and profitability with manufacturing-specific solutions

Fishbowl Inventory
Business automation and inventory management platform for small to midsize manufacturing companies

Connecting People, Data and Things

Lean Technologies
Thrive is a consolidated, user-friendly and lean software platform that covers the entire manufacturing operations to manage and streamline data

Providing a scalable foundation for modern high-growth manufacturing companies

OnRamp Solutions
A leading provider of next generation ERP and eBusiness solutions serving mid-market manufacturers and distributors

Siemens USA
Siemens helps manufacturers become Digital Enterprises by enabling them to digitalize and integrate their entire industrial value chain through PLM solutions

User Solutions
A leading provider of Manufacturing Production Planning and Scheduling Software