NexJ’s Siebel Replacement Program Helps Firms Upgrade to World-Class CRM for Financial Services

Toronto (March 1, 2017) — NexJ Systems Inc. (TSX: NXJ), a provider of enterprise customer management solutions to the financial services and insurance industries, is successfully enabling firms to modernize their legacy Siebel CRM systems. NexJ’s Siebel Replacement Program provides its customers with a safe alternative to traditional “Big Bang” or “rip and replace” system upgrades, which many firms hesitate to undertake due to the risk of service disruptions, budget overruns, and lack of user adoption. The NexJ program mitigates these concerns by enabling a safe and controlled, evolutionary approach to systems migration.

“NexJ developed this program in response to a need we saw in the marketplace,” says Adam Edmonds, Vice President, Product Management of NexJ Systems Inc. “New customer engagement models, interaction channels, mobile devices, and regulatory requirements have dramatically changed the financial services industry in the last decade. Firms with highly customized Siebel implementations needed a way to upgrade their CRM without disruption to users or customers.” (Click here to register for a free webinar about NexJ’s Siebel Replacement Program, hosted by Mr. Edmonds.)

The NexJ team is uniquely qualified to create this program. NexJ’s Executive team, as well as key leaders of its product, technology, and professional services teams, worked at Siebel Systems after it bought Janna Systems, thus developing an in-depth understanding of Siebel CRM. This expertise plays a critical role in the success of NexJ’s Siebel Replacement Program.

With NexJ’s Siebel Replacement Program, firms receive Siebel CRM-specific expertise, as well as proven tools and processes, to ensure their CRM replacement is successful and seamless to users and customers alike. NexJ CRM is integrated with Siebel data, allowing it to remain in place until firms are ready to migrate data to the new CRM in safe and controlled stages that are invisible to end users. Firms gain a modern user interface, mobile CRM, and best-of-breed vertical CRM for wealth management and private banking, corporate and commercial banking, capital markets, and insurance.

NexJ recently enabled a global bank to upgrade from Siebel to NexJ’s corporate banking-specific CRM. NexJ’s focus on minimizing the risk of customer service outages, user dissatisfaction, delays, and budget overruns played a key role in the selection.

“NexJ allows organizations to leverage the investments made in Siebel CRM while adding business-critical new functionality and the benefits of NexJ’s modeling platform,” said David Shepherd, Chief Technology Officer of NexJ Systems. “Companies can replace Siebel on the user’s desktop with a modern, more user-friendly interface and provide the IT department with a platform designed for integration, customization and scalability—all while keeping their data and processes in Siebel until they’re ready to migrate them away.”

To learn more about NexJ’s Siebel Replacement Program, click here.

About NexJ Systems Inc.

NexJ Systems provides enterprise customer management solutions to the financial services industry. Our solutions include industry-specific customer relationship management (CRM) to enable collaboration across countries, regions and teams; customer process management (CPM) for client onboarding with KYC and AML for regulatory compliance; and customer data management (CDM) to support digital transformation and customer analytics across the enterprise. Our solutions integrate information from multiple systems into a unified view to help firms better understand and share information about their customers to increase loyalty, drive cross-sell and improve the customer experience.