Top 10 Construction Technology Solution Providers – 2021

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The world came to a sudden halt during the COVID-19 pandemic and many construction firms began facing the existential crisis as the norm shifted from the ‘real to remote’. Global safety and hygiene measures made the situation somewhat adjustable for companies that had to resume operations to avoid losses worth billions of dollars. However, it is worthwhile to understand that the construction industry is a diversely complex ecosystem involving assets and stakeholders with varying levels of access to digitization. Tech-boom beyond the spreadsheets and common design software, the construction tech industry is rising to the expectations of the leaders and visionaries looking to cater to the new generations’ newer standards of productivity and profitability. 
If you are already imagining Terminator-like robots, replacing manual labor and independently running show, hold your horses. We still have a long way to get there! But equally interesting transformations await the early adopters and slow movers in the field. 
It all starts with data and growth of remote collaboration tools to make communication and information sharing secure for the stakeholders in both, field and office in real-time. Project planning, estimation, scheduling and strategizing also take up the creme of the priority to help decision makers incorporate physical representations of buildings and 3D modeling at each stage of the plan. Automation and AI-based tools including sensors, scanners and wearables that mimic human intelligence will replace legacy approaches for identifying patterns and roadblocks. Also, ML-based software and subsets of AI will be extensively leveraged to predict future projects outcomes, workers’ safety and probable risks. 
For the foreseeable future, drones and robots may take over simple, repetitive and labor-intensive tasks for remote inspection, job-site safety and productivity. But for now, a lot remains to be explored by the construction firms that have to start afresh with basic digitization. 
The pandemic opened new doors of possibilities for a legacy approaches and software driven industry. Even the player personas and demographics are likely to see a change in the coming years as construction tech starts to get more relevant to times!
In the current edition we have showcased the Top 10 Construction Technology Solution Providers that you need to watch out to make construction projects cost-effective and efficient. The thought-leaders and their insights also give a snapshot of the upcoming trends and industry changes to welcome a brand new chapter for construction businesses.
Company Name Description
logo-brickcontrol-medium Logo
BrickControl is a “cloud-based” application that helps you manage all of your projects in an easy, simple, and efficient way. Estimates, Project Progress Reports, Certifications, Costs Analysis and more..
commandalkon logo
Command Alkon
Whether you need to procure, make, dispatch, sell, or track and trace heavy building materials, Command Alkon Solutions deliver visibility, business process automation, and supply chain collaboration
The Concora platform is purpose-built to meet the exacting needs of Architects, Engineers, Contractors (AECs) while enhancing the manufacturer’s marketing efforts
GoFor Industries
The GoFor management team is comprised of seasoned industry professionals with backgrounds in construction, logistics, established technology companies and high-tech start-ups
Building and operating a functional facility depends on smart planning. Our solutions help you develop strategies to manage your physical assets and get the most from your operating and capital budgets
hcss logo
HCSS has been developing software to help construction companies streamline their operations. Today, we are recognized as a pioneer and leader in our market, serving thousands of construction companies across the nation
Insite LMS software and apps support international logistics, site logistics, material handling, deviation management and construction progress – even in the most remote areas of the world
intelliwavetechnologies logo
Intelliwave Technologies
To accomplish these goals Intelliwave focused on providing construction projects with automation and unparalleled visibility
iofficecorp logo
ManagerPlus Lightning by iOFFICE is designed to help you track all aspects of your heavy equipment assets while tackling both preventive maintenance and urgent requests. By keeping a digital record of every asset, you can easily retrieve work orders, generate maintenance logs, and reduce costs associated with equipment and vehicle upkeep
sparkbusinessworks logo
SPARK Business Works
A custom mobile app built specifically for your team can streamline job communication, field data collection, time entry, and employee engagement. Nothing says innovation like your own mobile app