The Surest Path to Better Cost and Project Control

David Jiménez, Director, BrickControl
David Jiménez, Director, BrickControl
For a very long time, the construction industry was defined for its complexities— disconnect between the data and actual workflows, legacy systems and prolonged deadlines. Over the years as technology took over legacy tools and processes, only a handful have managed to truly offer solutions that resonate with clients’ actual needs. BrickControl is a cloud-based application software that enables management of construction projects in an easy, simple and efficient way. The solution provider was one of the few companies that began building software for construction businesses in the 80s after identifying a glaring lack of tools that many businesses needed to effectively manage and control construction projects. The company recently made a leap into cloud computing to deliver solutions that embody the company’s thorough understanding of the industry and need for user-friendly software. “Ease of use is the greatest requirement of our construction customers. We attribute our 30 years of experience and earlier projects that helped define priorities so that the customers can solve any problem without having to put in convoluted processes,” says David Jiménez, Director, BrickControl.
Unlock the Power of APIs and Cloud Computing
BrickControl is the first construction software on cloud that has undergone great changes in the recent years. Many businesses are yet to test the digital waters as they still cling on to the basic accounting software or use Excel to manage projects owing to the cost or implementation challenges associated with common ERP solutions. “Initially, we were convinced that ERP software, although expensive, is the only software that integrates all departments in a business. Today, cloud and API have created a more powerful way of running a business,” adds Jiménez. “APIs allow us to integrate different programs to work together. Users can combine project management, accounting, payroll and other types of software.” For example, a customer implementing BrickControl need not have to save an invoice in their accounting software. APIs automatically save the invoice in the accounting system in real time without the user actually having to do anything. And the cloud technology allows for easy implementation while also keeping the initial implementation cost lower than before. “BrickControl can be best described as a company that is attuned to quickly adapting to changes. This allowed us to start with cloud software when very few people in the industry were considering that option,” expresses Jiménez.
BrickControl often highlights the importance of project control and cost deviations that are likely to occur during the project lifecycle. Through its ERP and Project Management solutions, BrickControl helps users periodically analyze the events and identify deviations in order to be able to react in time or preempt those deviations. “The overall objective of these solutions is to help construction companies keep the real cost as close to the expected cost, “ says Jiménez.
Granular-level Functionalities Make All the Difference!
Additionally, the software is known for its granular level functionalities that are specific to departments such as cost and planning, purchases and logistics, administration and construction. The users can leverage the software’s cost and planning functionalities to create estimates at all levels, tasks and resources, generate automated certificates based on project progress, periodically track cost deviations, make real-time cost comparisons and analyze cost and sale indicators in the projects.
The software’s purchase and logistics functionality helps generate the materials purchase orders, create subcontractors orders and manage warehouses. Administration features of the solution focus on creating timesheets, insert machinery hours to assign project costs, receive invoices and issue payments, send client invoices and integrate with the accounting program of the users’ preference. Lastly, the construction functionality helps with the follow-up on project progress, insert project measurements and assign costs to indicate exact material usage. Owing to immense applicability across departments, affordability and ease of use, companies of all sizes implement BrickControl. Excellent customer service is another distinctive feature of BrickControl. Fast services and timely response to customers’ queries lead to highly satisfied customers. “Delivering exceptional after-sales services becomes an imperative when you sell a product worldwide. Great services are what helps us make all the difference and earn customers’ trust,” adds Jiménez.
Customer success stories of BrickControl speak volumes of the company’s commitment towards simplifying everything while achieving better control over the cost and projects. For instance, a multinational company with a business line involving energy efficiency management in cities and buildings used a financial ERP for accounting and excel sheets for managing projects that were maintained individually by different teams working in silos. The teams were unable to have a realistic vision on the project statuses. After implementing BrickControl, the client was able to organize project data better, allowing project managers to track real progress, real planning vs baseline and analyze deviations that were likely to occur so as to manage the projects better. “Our software enabled the management to view project status on their tablets as well as go through indicators and graphs grouping by type (public / private), subtype (line of business), company and project. This allowed them to have real-time insights on the benefits in terms of energy savings they managed to achieve from each project,” says Jiménez. BrickControl’s customer success stories are also attributable to the company’s expert team that managed to earn over customers’ trust and took over important actions that had a transformative impact on the business. “Just as we listen to our customers to improve the product, we also listen to our work team to always try to make the best decisions,” beams Jiménez.
The Road Ahead
BrickControl is currently headed to launch the new interface developed with html5. For the future, the company plans on expanding its partner network across the globe to offer demos, training, consulting, support and integrations to customers. “Although we are grateful to have cutting-edge technology when it comes to helping customers around the world, we want to have partners who are close to them,” says Jiménez.