Arcobasso Foods’ Dedication to Quality Drives Investment in DEACOM ERP

Chesterbrook, PA, March 9, 2017: Deacom, Inc., the developer of a single-system Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, is excited to kickoff implementation for Arcobasso Foods, a custom sauce, dressing, and beverage manufacturer. To help manage the growth of Arcobasso Foods, DEACOM ERP will centralize operational management to ensure the most accurate data is driving strong, strategic business decisions.

“We have grown rapidly over the past several years due to both acquisitions and growing contracts,” said Matt Pudlowski, Chief Financial and Operating Officer for Arcobasso Foods. “With no expectations of slowing down, we are implementing DEACOM ERP to create efficiencies within the business, while keeping our high standards for quality products and services intact. This will allow us to seamlessly scale the company over time and avoid the complications of managing multiple technologies.”

Deacom focuses its software development primarily towards meeting the needs of process manufacturers like Arcobasso Foods. By writing all functionality in-house – from formulation and sales, through production and distribution – Deacom’s customers are never reliant on 3rd party software or customizations. Rather, they benefit from its cohesive ERP environment that ties every aspect of the manufacturing operations into one platform.

Previously, Arcobasso Foods found themselves increasingly dependent on spreadsheet workarounds, which would later be manually entered in to the ERP system. Deacom’s solution provides the manufacturer with a single point of control, making duplicate data entry a thing of the past. DEACOM ERP also offers a mobile app, available for Android and Apple devices, giving Arcobasso Foods’ decision makers and sales representatives access to this real-time data from anywhere.

“By implementing DEACOM ERP, we are able to build efficiencies within our operations so our valued employees can dedicate more of their time towards what they do best: providing quality food products to our customers,” said Pudlowski.

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