Pariveda Solutions

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Company: Pariveda Solutions
Management: Bruce Ballengee, CEO
Headquarters: Dallas, TX
Tel: 844-325-2729

About the Company:

Interaction is crucial. It is the key element between you and your customer base which either significantly enhances your business or leaves you wondering what happened to a once thriving customer relationship. By effectively managing customer information and interactions your organization can improve customer margin and retention, increase profitability, expand efficiency and reduce costs.

Product / Service Highlights:

 Guiding the pathway to CRM success

Leveraging our extensive expertise we help your organization create a roadmap for CRM success. We partner with you to understand your unique business needs, determine your future state, vision, and create a clear and actionable plan to meet your objectives.

Choosing the right solution

Not all CRM solutions are the same. Our CRM experts assist you in aligning your organization’s unique needs with the solutions that best meet those needs. Our experience with the leading CRM software providers will help you find the right fit to achieve results.

Delivering value through CRM

The needs of every company are unique. We tailor our best-practices using our CRM implementation framework to guide your organization in a way that is customized to your needs so you reap the value from your solution in the shortest amount of time.

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