Vendor Details
Company: OSSCube
Website: www.osscube.com
Management: Lavanya Rastogi, CEO
Headquarters: Houston, TX
Tel: 281-404-7003
Email: info@osscube.com

About the Company:

Our best-of-breed solutions in digital transformation, application modernization, enterprise mobility, and cloud help simplify, renovate, and future-proof businesses. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, with operations in North America, Europe, and Asia we are always close at hand to help our clients stay ahead of the curve by leading future technology adoption for digital success.

Product / Service Highlights:

Personalization is becoming key to winning new customers and creating long-term relationships. To offer personalized products and services, companies are investing significantly in unearthing deeper customer insights through data mining, segmentation, and advanced analytics. To get a holistic picture of customer needs, and improve sales and marketing alignment, performance, leads, and ROI, businesses are looking to CRM solutions integrated with marketing automation (MA), social media, mobile, and predictive analytics.


  • Reap the benefits of insights even for shorter sales cycle.
  • Improve collaboration between sales & marketing teams to boost revenues.
  • Address concerns faster and improve customer service.
  • Make better decisions with a consolidated view of the entire sales cycle.
  • Improve efficiency by eliminating manual processes and data gathering.
  • Automate marketing activities to increase productivity.

OSSCube helps you build an integrated CRM and MA platform to transform your sales, marketing, and customer service strategy. Our business process competencies, technical capabilities, key technology partnerships, and proven track record with market leading CRM platforms ensure that you achieve real, transformative, and lasting business results. Our strong industry partnerships with MS Dynamics, Salesforce, and Pardot help us create best-of-breed CRM solutions.

For more information please visit www.osscube.com