Vendor Details
Company: Rightpoint
Website: www.rightpoint.com
Management: Brad Schneider,CO-CEO
Headquarters: Chicago, IL
Tel: 312-920-8383
Email: chicago@rightpoint.com

About the Company:

We believe that customer experiences are only as powerful as your ability to deliver them. So we delve deep into the heart of your business—mobilizing every facet of the company to deliver on your mission. Inside and outside the firewall, we bring a holistic point of view that empowers employees and engages customers through meaningful experiences with lasting impact. And by having so many crucial capabilities in-house, we remove layers—meaning we move faster, solve smarter and meet our clients’ needs more efficiently.

Product / Service Highlights:

CRM & Sales Enablement

CRM and sales success is built around two principles: The first is to serve your customers, which starts with knowing them—their motivations, interests, loyalties and needs. The second is to support your sellers, with the tools and consumer understanding they need. We leverage the Salesforce platform to generate a deeper understanding of your customer, to drive customer success, and to create solutions that your sales teams be more efficient and effective. Offerings: CRM strategy, platform selection, integration leveraging industry leading middle-ware, Sales, Service, and Community Cloud implementation and customer app development.

What We Do

  • CRM Integration
  • CRM Platform Selection
  • CRM Strategy
  • Customer App Development
  • Sales Service and Community Cloud Implementation
For more information please visit www.rightpoint.com