Vendor Details
Company: Nutshell
Management: Joe Malcoun, CEO
Headquarters: Ann Arbor, MI
Tel: 888-336-8808

About the Company:

We’re passionate about small business success. That’s why our entire team is dedicated to helping sales reps win more deals, solving the challenge from which most CRMs suffer: motivating sales teams to embrace the product.

Every day, we help thousands of small businesses in more than 50 countries better manage their sales processes to win more deals, more quickly.

Product / Service Highlights:

Nutshell is the CRM your sales team will actually use.

While Nutshell offers all the standard CRM features (and more), it means nothing if your team doesn’t use it. That’s why we go beyond features, delivering the tools, tips, and support sales reps need to win more deals.

With Nutshell, you’ll be up and running in less than 24 hours.

While other CRMs require implementation consultants and “CRM administrators,” Nutshell provides onboarding assistance so your team can start using it tomorrow.

Nutshell offers free and friendly customer support.

Yes, you read that right! We don’t hide our contact information or charge when you need help. If anyone on your team has a question about Nutshell, we provide phone, chat, and email support to ensure that it’s answered.

Nutshell is affordable, with no hidden costs.

With Nutshell, you never have to worry about unanticipated costs or overage charges. Unlike most CRMs, there are no limits on the number of customers or the amount of data, so you’ll never be surprised with a big bill.

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