Hotel ICON selects Cendyn as CRM and loyalty provider

Boca Raton, Florida – April 6, 2017 – Cendyn, the hospitality software leader, is continuing to broaden its reach in the Asia Pacific region with Hotel ICON, the latest property in Hong Kong to select Cendyn as their CRM and loyalty partner.

With its unique and upscale design concept, Hotel ICON prides itself on providing the ultimate experience for every guest. Using Cendyn as their CRM and loyalty provider, Hotel ICON will be able to consolidate their revenue and marketing strategies to complete the guest experience from booking to departure.

“We have been looking for a highly-advanced CRM which can help us integrate our customer retention and revenue management strategy,” said Mr. Richard Hatter, General Manager of Hotel ICON. “We are so glad that Cendyn could provide us with a solution to do just that. Furthermore, Cendyn provides us with a platform that can enhance the guest experience prior to and during their stay with us.”

Cendyn’s CRM will provide a guest intelligence solution that utilizes data collected from multiple sources to provide a true, single profile of each guest. Using that data, Hotel ICON will be able to communicate to each guest through the channels that work for them and learn more about each guest throughout their travel journey. It will drive guest retention over time and create more loyal, brand advocates from their customer base.

“Hotel ICON is a hotel that pushes the boundaries of innovation within the luxury hotel sector. Understanding and ensuring they meet every guest’s needs is at the core of everything Hotel ICON stands for. Cendyn is proud to be Hotel ICON’s chosen CRM & Loyalty technology partner,” said John Seaton, Managing Director, International of Cendyn.

“The Cendyn Marketing Cloud provides a fully integrated platform which harnesses hotel data from across all its systems to create a single version of truth as it relates to their guests’ profile data,” Seaton said. “This in turn empowers the hotel and its staff to deliver the right message, to the right guest, at the right time and most importantly through the right channel. We are excited to bring the benefits of our unrivalled CRM and loyalty technology platform to Hotel ICON as we continue to grow aggressively throughout Asia Pacific and worldwide.”

Cendyn combines first and third party data sources to deliver dynamically generated, one-to-one marketing across all digital marketing channels: email, web, display, mobile, and social. This in turn allows Hotel ICON to have a better understanding of who their guests are, personalize the experience for every guest, increase guest satisfaction and loyalty and drive revenue.

About Cendyn

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