IT Solutions Consulting

    Vendor Details
    Company: IT Solutions Consulting
    Management: Ted Swanson, Founder
    Headquarters: Fort Washington, PA
    Tel: 215-886-7166

    About the Company:

    IT Solutions takes a different approach than most IT companies. At ITS, every employee doesn’t just act like an owner, every employee is an owner. Not just through stock options or public stock that anyone can buy. ITS employees own actual stock in the business through our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). When ITS succeeds, they succeed. And every ITS employee knows that ITS only succeeds when our clients succeed.

    Product / Service Highlights:

    NearCloud is our private cloud service allowing clients to host all servers and applications safely and securely. Data is accessed onsite and remotely without delay. NearCloud offers the best of both worlds – a sophisticated private cloud service with a local touch of support.

    NearCloud Plan Features:

    • Zero Upfront Hardware Costs
    • 24×7 Monitoring
    • Highly Redundant Hardware
    • Unlimited Storage Expansion
    • High-Speed Redundant Access
    • High Security Access
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