SYSPRO ERP Launches Optimized Web Version

May 16, 2017 – Global ERP provider SYSPRO is unveiling its candidate program, web-based version of SYSPRO 8 in the fourth quarter of this year to proactively enhance their manufacturing and distribution solution for business owners.

According to SYSPRO Chief Product Officer, Paulo de Matos, companies have a strong desire to secure their future and optimize their businesses by adopting solutions that are cloud capable and accessible from any device.

“SYSPRO 8 will be a dual user-interface offering, allowing for companies to selectively deploy either the Windows client or the web-based solution at their discretion. The reason for this is that it provides business continuity and ensures a smooth transition for users.”

“We believe in proactively innovating beyond functional utility and ensuring that we are creating a rewarding total user experience for our users. With the consumerization of IT our users now expect the solutions they use for business at work to be as intuitive, attractive and easy to use as their favourite applications at home, and our driver is to constantly be reimagining the link between innovation and ERP.”

“This dual offering will provide significant value and flexibility to organizations, deploying the rich-UI (user interface) to data capture intensive users and the web-UI to users who prefer a web-based engagement with SYSPRO.”

“By providing the dual UI approach, we provide our customers the ability to transition and ultimately select the best UI for the specific task. It additionally creates significant opportunities in allowing remote, external users and decentralized operators, to engage with SYSPRO device-agnostically from anywhere.”

De Matos further explains this is to be offered as a separate SYSPRO product line with its own identity, however, it will not require separate licensing or have additional commercial impact as it will consume licenses concurrently as the system does now.

He concludes this is a significant game-changer for SYSPRO moving forward and these factors will create a compelling reason, including solid business benefits and drivers, for SYSPRO’s existing and valued customer user base to transition to SYSPRO 8.


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