10 Best Retail Solution Providers – 2018

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Despite the continuous transformation that the brick-and-motar stores are undergoing, retailers are seeking for a competitive advantage in today’s digital era. The whole idea is to improve the overall shopping experience for customers. Though digital shopping channels are taking a huge hit in the market, customers prefer social and experiential shopping through physical stores. This calls for creating a unified and balanced customer experience between “showrooming” and “webrooming”. According to Gartner, a unified commerce provides a customer-centric experience, based on how customers approach shopping with no limitations by combining the four major customer processes which are “browse, transact, acquire, and consume”.
Incidentally, the trends and shifts of the retail industry have been advancing with the change in shopping habits of consumers. Technological innovations like machine learning, predictive analysis, AI, and mobile AR personalize shopping experiences with the growing customer data. In fact, retail prophets predict that 85 percent of all transactions will be AI-based by 2020. Improvements in logistics, robotics, and consumer-fulfillment are gradually taking over the industry, along with AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) that is set to connect both online and offline shoppers as retailers are aligning their solutions with today’s hyper-connected environment. Moreover, evidence shows that GenZ shoppers use Voice-AI more natively than ever before. Alongside, the rise in social media is changing how retailers interact with consumers online.
On the other hand, there is an increase in store closures due to an accelerated rate of “webrooming”. This has resulted in a series of retail acquisitions by bigger players in the industry. For instance, Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods and Walmart’s acquiring fashion retail startups.
Apart from personalization, customers now seek for better customer service, visual design, and easy layouts for seamless experiences. With the changing customer preferences, modern retailers are adopting the omnichannel integration as millennials seek for educational insights that help them to choose the right retailer.
We present to you Xplorex IT’s 10 Best Retail Technology Solution Providers 2018.
Company Name Description
An innovative customer retention system backed by the power of artificial intelligence
Designed to replicate key benefits of the online experience into physical retail environments.
A provider of cloud-based, API-first commerce platforms that help design unique and engaging digital commerce experiences
Exchange Solutions
FutureProof Retail
A provider of customer-centric retail technology solutions that help offline stores avail the conveniences available on online store models
Maplewave’s retail platform uses mobile-first technologies to augment customer’s buying experiences
Multidev Technologies
Delivers leading-edge innovative technology with advanced functionality that ensures the unification of all retail processes and operations
PAR Technology
A leading global provider of point of sale (POS) and workforce efficiency solutions to the restaurant and retail industries
A technology platform connects web shoppers with associates, who drive their own sales and personalize the customer’s shopping experience like never before
TurnTo Networks
A provider of full suite of cutting-edge, customer generated content platform that allow better customer engagement and also influence buyers’ decision