Exceptional Customer Experience at Every Touch Point


Adam Baggs, CEO Execution
Adam Baggs, CEO Execution
Technology plays a prevalent role in making traditional store concepts more exciting and customer-centric. As the retail industry shifts from being fully online, to recognizing the potential of brick and mortar store models, innovations with AI and machine learning have been leveraged to augment the buying experiences of modern customers.
Maplewave, a global expert in offering enterprise software solutions, stays abreast of the industry trends and leverages its experiences and technical-know-how to form accurate perspectives on what may work at each corner of the world for retail enterprises.
“In today’s hyper-connected world where you can buy just about anything from at least four to five different companies, the one thing that sets a retailer apart is the experience,” opens Adam Baggs, CEO, Execution at Maplewave. “If retailers fail to provide an exceptional customer experience at every touch point, then the overall business will fail.”
Maplewave provides a suite of products that together make up their flagship ‘retail platform’. The aim is to change customers’ outlooks on services offered by retailers.
Maplewave’s mobile-centric platform is modularized, which allows retailers to pick and choose the features that make sense for them. The platform’s modules include a tablet-based program for queuing customers and building orders, a fully-featured point of sale, a digital signature tool for contract signing, inventory management features, and a reporting suite that pulls all the information together.
The modules work seamlessly together and communicate in real-time, so retailers always have a complete, up-to-the-minute picture of their business. In addition, the platform integrates to the retailer’s other systems for a true end-to-end experience. This gives Maplewave’s clients complete visibility to their entire ecosystem without needing to swivel between different systems.
Matt Brannon - Maplewave
CEO Strategy
“Our solutions use a mobile-first, channel agnostic micro-services framework that’s designed to scale on demand when needed and support the different partners we are involved with,” says Matt Brannon, CEO, Strategy, lauding the product’s underlying technological framework. “To sum it up, we strive to provide a digital experience abstraction layer between the complexity and bloat of typical carriers’ back-end systems, and the end users.”
No matter which product is used, Maplewave’s goal is to deliver a seamless user experience across its entire suite – regardless of where that occurs.
As the world changes to a “retail-anywhere” model, customers expect to be able to interact with retailers how and when they want – whether that’s in-store, online, or through self-service. Maplewave is currently developing new self-service and e-commerce offerings to book-end their platform and complete the “retail anywhere” trifecta.
The success of Maplewave’s retail solutions adds credence to the company’s rich talent base and amalgam of expertise in areas like retail performance, supply chain and logistics as well as business intelligence and reporting.  Additionally, the firm capitalizes on its deep acumen by offering consulting solutions for Telcos to review their digital capacity, IT infrastructure and security strategy.
“Our consultants immerse themselves in the client’s business to gain a truly informed picture of their current experience. We then compile a report that includes both quick wins and long-term systemic changes,” explains Brannon.
Looking toward the future, Maplewave is uniquely positioned to drive digital transformation in the telecommunications space and is making significant investments in its products, services, platforms and teams to help their retail customers sell anywhere. “Our future vision is a channel agnostic retail experience where our software will support any channel that can lead to a sale (online, in-store, customer care, direct sales, and self-care through a native app),” says Baggs.
Telcos are looking for a partner that can provide them with a 360-degree view of the customer’s buying journey seamlessly between channels – and Maplewave is gearing up for the change. “We believe through a combination of flexible products, our integration framework, and significant investments in data strategy, we are positioned to provide a unified customer experience across all channels,” concludes Baggs.