Intelligent Retail Analytics Provider


In an era where customers have smarter and easier ways to shop, retailers struggle to track and manage the customers’ shopping journey and experience. Consequently, customer retention becomes a real problem as they constantly tend to switch for better deals and personalized services. This is where big customer data analytics pays off to make real-time operational decisions and gain actionable insights. With a powerful multi-channel marketing platform, AppCard enables retailers to consolidate and analyze customer data in real-time and communicate with customers directly. Based in Los Angeles, CA, AppCard is an innovative customer retention system backed by the power of artificial intelligence. The company helps mid-size retailers, franchises, and independent grocers who are willing to invest on the potential of their customer data and analytics.
“We are more than just a loyalty program. We facilitate smart data capture and machine learning that empower you to deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time,” says Yair Goldfinger, CEO and Co-founder, AppCard. Built atop an advanced AI called “Pinky” that has been developed specifically for brick and mortar retailers and grocery stores, AppCard platform gains useful insights into the customers every time they shop. With a unique ability to identify, classify, and learn more about customers, Pinky helps retailers to prompt behaviors that integrate with their customers’ actual spending habits, and generate promotions. “Pinky’s powerful analytics plus AppCard’s expert marketing services help you move away from easily dismissed blanket marketing to deliver higher ROI on your customer retention programs.”
Apart from anticipating customers’ next move, Pinky delivers behavior-based recommendations, automatically captures transaction data from the retailer’s POS, and launches marketing campaigns for them. It also captures the rewards data and helps retailers compare customer identities based on SKU-level transactions, enabling them to offer tailored incentives that encourage specific behaviors and make their customers feel valued. “Our loyalty & rewards programs are totally automated, so cashiers don’t have to manually enter points and customers don’t have to carry around a card,” notes Goldfinger.
Focused on helping retailers deliver a seamless customer experience, AppCard’s touchscreen terminal allows customers to check in by entering a mobile number or by swiping a loyalty card. The dual-facing screens display the customers’ points balance, loyalty status, and available rewards for both the customer and the cashier. New customers can enroll by simply entering a mobile number or swiping a new loyalty card, and can even add their email address directly via the terminal during checkout.
Built on third generation customer-relationship marketing principle, AppCard creates custom initiatives based on marketing best practices or proven campaigns that are already in use in the market. They also generate built-in marketing reports that enable retailers to quickly gauge the effectiveness of every campaign they conduct. This helps them make intelligent business decisions by instantly converting millions of data points into useful customer behavior analytics.
Providing a 360° view of an organization, AppCard’s cloud-based system empowers individual managers or franchisees to view the health of a specific location. “We can help you set up a retail marketing strategy that makes the most sense for your business by allowing customers to earn and redeem rewards at any location, or limit rewards to specific locations. Even if your locations operate on different POS systems, AppCard standardizes your rewards program, pulling data from multiple POS systems into a single cloud-based set for reporting,” explains Goldfinger.
Harnessing the power of retail analytics, AppCard today keeps an eye on the future to develop smart ways to connect with the customers.