A Prelude to Digital Manufacturing

Axsys Inc. 

Steve Braykovich, President, Axsys Inc.

“We’ve been involved in digital manufacturing since 1978, long before anyone ever heard of CAD/CAM. It is in our blood and a large part of our DNA,” beams Steve Braykovich, President, Axsys Inc. Looking back at the beginning of Axsys in the early nineties as a distributor of PC-based Mastercam software and Unix-based CIMLINC and Delcam software, Braykovich believes the company founded by him and partner, Roy Howard has truly emerged as a game changer and withstood many acid tests in the evolving area of manufacturing technology. “Our main products in the industrial space include Mastercam, the worldwide leading CAM solution from CNC Software as well as other world-class supporting solutions from Verisurf and CGTech. Over the years, we represented a variety of CAD/CAM software products such as Delcam (Autodesk), Parameteric Technologies (ProEnginner) and Siemens/Unigraphics to various market segments,” adds Braykovich.  “Then, during 2009 we observed a significant drop in revenue from areas like automotive, aerospace and consumer products and eventually, discovered lucrative opportunities in digital dentistry.”  This marked a new chapter for Axsys with the establishment of Axsys Dental Solutions that offers CAD/CAM software, CNC milling machines, consumable products as well as training and services to dental labs, milling centers and dental practices in the design and production of a wide variety of dental prostheses.

Both Axsys Inc. and Axsys Dental Solutions operate with the same fervor to help customers add value to their business by meeting their application needs as well as profitability and business objectives. Besides offering secure, cost-effective and reliable CAD/CAM and CNC solutions, Axsys helps customers’ businesses quickly adopt these technologies by giving them the necessary training on-site, off-site and web-based support, as well as customer support services. Further, the firm’s solutions are customized and offered as a combination of software and hardware and training and consultation, depending on the clients’ technical and business requirements. This unique approach has guaranteed many businesses production efficiencies in terms of design, programming time, increased machine tool utilization, lower tooling costs and reduced post-machining hand-work while also allowing them to stick to delivery and quality requirements.

Ever since the SaaS and cloud computing trends evolved in manufacturing technology, experts at Axsys have been aware of the complexities concerning the use of manufacturing software.  “We have witnessed challenges that deeply affect businesses as productivity losses because a major chunk of design, intellectual property and programming data resides online, leaving companies at the mercy of an internet service provider,” expresses Braykovich. “Then there are security and speed-related issues, subscription-based costs and problems in data portability.” Experts at Axsys deploy a consultative approach to enable customers to weigh the odds of encountering predicaments related to the use of cloud-based applications and make informed decisions.

“Customizing application is the key to productivity and profitability. Our solutions take CAD/CAM to a different level. They have automated machining modules and templates that incorporate our extensive digital manufacturing experience to automate production,” says Braykovich. “We also provide additional value by optimizing our skills in machine tool sales, production and service to augment and enhance existing CNC machine tool capability and functionality.”

In one instance, the Jonathan Dental Spa of Hawthorne, NJ faced several challenges like high laboratory costs, slow turnaround time and lack of control in the design of dental products with the standard CAD/CAM technology. After researching for the right solutions, the dental spa chose Versamill, dental machining equipment from Axysys Dental Solutions for their esthetic work and milling. The system helped the client carry out high-quality work-in-house at reduced laboratory cost and turnaround time and also create low-cost remakes and archive patient data.  The equipment with its custom templates helped the dental spa handle difficult cases and make proprietary enhancements to their work.  The success stories of Axsys stand as a testament to its commitment of empowering clients develop distinct advantage over their peers to produce high quality outputs regardless of the complexities.

For the future, Axsys is poised to take a bigger leap in the industry by fostering new partnerships and associations through expansion of its sales and service teams.  “We are currently prototyping custom and automated interfaces to dental CAM software for significant productivity advantages over current solutions with a more productive user experience. We are also looking at new partnerships in technology development including tooling, scanning and 3D printing,” says Braykovich.