Vendor Details
    Company: Scalr
    Management: Sebastian Stadil, Founder & CEO
    Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
    Tel: 415-967-5545

    About the Company:

    Scalr was founded in 2007, right at the start of the cloud-computing revolution. Many of us started out as operations people, just like the folks using our software. Since the start we believed that cloud computing introduces a massive shift to how IT works. We also believe that a fundamental change in culture is required to truly reap the benefits of the cloud. That’s why we’ve built an opinionated and robust piece of software, that encourages enterprises to go forward with a cloud-native approach.

    Product / Service Highlights:

    The Scalr Enterprise-Grade Cloud Management Platform enables today’s enterprises to achieve cost-effective, automated and standardized application deployments across multi-cloud environments.

    Scalr creates a cloud environment where users can operate easily and quickly within the scope of a defined policy.

    • Cloud policies
    • Lifecycle Policies
    • Access Policies
    • Integration Policies
    • Financial Policies
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