Vendor Details
    Company: ProfitBricks
    Management: Achim Weiss. CEO
    Headquarters: Cambridge, MA
    Tel: 866-852-5229

    About the Company:

    ProfitBricks is revolutionizing cloud IaaS, making it faster, easier, and a better value for you and your customers. Cloud is transforming technology and data center infrastructure and promises to help your company enable your customers to innovate faster than ever before. That’s our promise to you.

    Product / Service Highlights:

    ProfitBricks is the most flexible cloud service available in the IT channel today.

    ProfitBricks is different. Other cloud providers force you to pick from a short list of cloud server instance sizes and cloud network configuration options, all of which are optimized for the provider’s benefit and not your requirements.

    With ProfitBricks, you select the desired amount of processing power up to 62 CPU cores, up to 240GB RAM and the block storage required for your workloads. It also gives you the freedom to design and configure any virtual data center architecture you can dream up. Other providers limit you 24 CPU cores and 32GB RAM on a network with only a single connection.

    If you can envision it, you can build it at ProfitBricks!

    The ProfitBricks Cloud Is FASTER

    Welcome to the highest performing public Cloud Computing Service available.

    ProfitBricks is more than 2x Faster than Amazon AWS EC2 as found in the results of the open source UnixBench synthetic benchmark. Below is a sample of the performance report showing the UnixBench performance between Amazon AWS EC2 M3 instances, and ProfitBricks cloud servers of the same specs.

    ProfitBricks is easy-to-use.

    The revolutionary ProfitBricks Data Center Designer (DCD) graphical interface (or via API) makes it easy to design, configure, provision, and manage your customer’s complete Virtual Data Center (VDC) in the cloud.

    ProfitBricks invented a new way to interact with cloud resources through its best-in-class technology.  All of the cloud accounts include access to the API and the integrated Data Center Management (DCM) tool and the DCD, which makes it easier to design, configure, provision, and manage your client’s virtual environment.

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